And they that understand among the people shall instruct many….. Shut up the words and seal the book even to the time of the end. Many shall run to and fro and knowledge shall be increased..none of the wicked shall understand but the wise shall understand

I believe we are living at the time of the end.

The signs are all around us.

Although the main body of the apostate church seems to be oblivious to the awful situation they are in with regard to the apostate condition  they are in and the secret combination that has overcome the corporate church and the governments of the world, there is a very small remnant that is waking up.

God is slowly taking the partial  blindness off of Israel.

He has promised that the virgins that are wise will be awake when the Lord returns in secret for the last time.

The Lord promised Sidney Rigdon that the elect would NOT be asleep and would be purified at the day of His coming:

“And a commandment I give unto thee—that thou shalt write for him; and the scriptures shall be given, even as they are in mine own bosom, to the salvation of mine own elect; For they will hear my voice, and shall see me, and shall not be asleep, and shall abide the day of my coming; for they shall be purified, even as I am pure.” D&C 35:20-21.

One of the signs that the time of the end is near, is that the cryptic prophetic passages in the Book of Daniel, the meaning of which has been sealed for thousands of years, will begin to be made known through the mercy of God. I think this has begun to happen. God’s people are beginning to understand things that have not been clearly understood in the past.

I am happy to announce that the book is now available to order for those that want to participate in my “peer review”.

I have also completed part two of the youtube series on the Secret History of Mormonism


book 2

I have had 15 people express a willingness to participate in the peer review for which I am deeply grateful.

That represents exactly 10% of the 150 subscribers to this blog. I am elated with having that many participants. I think that is more than enough to accomplish the goal of having the content scrutinized and checked for clarity. Nevertheless, I would love to have all of my subscribers involved. I am also extending the invitation to any of the folks involved in LDS apologetics and to any of the skeptics that have rejected the message of the restoration. I am happy to have this work scrutinized and challenged by anyone.

I am concerned that there may be some of my subscribers who would like to participate but they want to maintain their anonymity, including their email address.

You are welcome to participate anonymously.

I am providing a way for you to do that.

Others may feel intimidated by the term “peer review” which implies, in scholarly circles, to those that have various credentials and a professional relationship with the author. However, I do not consider myself to be a scholar, so that is not what I meant in using that term. Perhaps “crowd sourcing” would have been a more appropriate term to use.

If that is the reason you are not participating, please understand that no credentials are necessary, other than a desire to participate, even if it is as a bystander who simply wants to view the issues that are discussed.

Obviously if you are well read in the scriptures and/or the history of the church, it is a nice background to bring to the table, but it is not necessary. If you have experienced or are currently experiencing a crisis of faith, that is a wonderful perspective to bring to the table since one of the purposes of the book is to provide answers for people who have experienced a crisis of faith.

So if you are wondering if you qualify to participate on the peer review, here is how you can verify that you qualify.

Check your pulse.

If your heart is still beating and you are reasonably certain that you are alive, you qualify! Everyone has a voice that is valued and spectators are welcome to listen in on the discussion.

Be warned that the book is massive. It is over 600 pages in a relatively small font with lots of graphs and illustrations. Don’t let that intimidate you. Everyone can move at their own speed and only focus on the topics they have a particular interest in.

I will be facilitating those that want to maintain their anonymity by using some surveys that allow people to respond and give feedback without using email and any personal information.

At some point, if I am getting a lot of feedback, I may be using google docs to catalog the comments and feedback that I am getting from participants. Everyone that participates in the discussion, as well as those that just want to listen in, who request it, will be given permission to view the online doc and comments, if and when that feature is implemented. (I think you need to have a gmail address in order for me to grant you access)

I think google docs allows up to 50 permissions to be given out, so it looks like all of the participants that would like to use that feature will be able to, although I am looking into the possibility of utilizing some other avenues of getting peer review participants. Access will only be given to those that have purchased a book.

I apologize for the somewhat archaic method being used for reviewing the manuscript and giving feedback, which requires participants to purchase a hard copy of the book, but there are a few reasons for this. One is that I think it is helpful for people to give formatting suggestions and suggestions relative to the overall size of the font and size of the book, when they can actually see how the book looks physically. Another is that I have spent several thousand dollars in hard costs bringing this book to print, having to do with the cost of editing, graphics, and resource material (even though there is no traditional initial print run involved since I am using a “print on demand” publisher).

Although I do not necessarily anticipate getting my total investment back, I would love some help in defraying the costs a little. I think participants will be blessed for providing feedback as well as financial support in the form of purchasing a book.

When the book is finally released to the general public, hopefully within a few months, it will probably retail for about $59 or $69. The cost to participants of the peer review for the this preliminary book, is $49. Again, if you cannot afford the book, much of the information is covered in my blog posts and in the youtube series that I am doing regarding the Secret History of Mormonism. Additionally, I hope to eventually create a fund for providing loaner copies of the book for those that cannot afford to order one.

The link for ordering the book is as follows:

The pass code necessary for ordering the book is  3watches777

I hope you will watch every installment of the youtube series while you are waiting for the book and while you are reviewing the book. I think it will help you greatly as you read the book.

Participants should not feel any pressure in this endeavor. No feedback is necessary or expected unless you honestly and passionately desire to provide feedback. The process for providing feedback is very simple. Simply send it to my email at

onewhoiswatching [at] gmail dot com.

I may also send out some group emails to the known participants, asking some general questions. Again, no response is required unless you desire to respond.

Additionally I hope to provide some online surveys that will enable the anonymous participants to participate as well.

BTW I have had such an overwhelming response to the following post that I recently did, that I have integrated it into the book

Discovering the Doctored Covenants and then the Interpretive Revisions and then the changing of the Ordinance

I want to thank everyone that put it on their facebook or sent the link to friends. It went viral and I got an enormous amount of first time visitors. Thank you!

Here is part two of the youtube series. If you have not listened to part one, you should listen to it first.



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