Please Unite In Prayer

Dear Friends

Some time ago I asked all of my readers to please pray for a little girl who had some significant health issues. As you know, she has been blessed exceedingly since then and I believe it was at least in part because of your united prayers in her behalf.

I am now asking everyone to take a few minutes and unitedly focus you faith and prayers for another friend that lives in a foreign country.

I just felt impressed to check in on this old friend that I had not heard from for a while and this is the response I got-

“Sorry i cant reply much at the mo. Wife been in emergency dept at hospital since monday. blood pressure 180/110 and a lot of aginy in the head. Had 2 CTscans and spinal tap to relieve spinal pressure. Not good. MRI will happen this morning. Insane week of driving back and forth, trying to care for kids- barely seen them, hospital, earn a living somehow…ok, no how. minimal sleep.
I’ve just got back from hospital…its 440am. Gotta somehow get to work at 815am. Exhausted beyond belif….popping a valium now.
Thanks for thinking of us”

I think some of us have felt overwhelmed and felt the extreme pressure, anxiety and fatigue this fellow is currently feeling. Please unite with me in praying for the safe recovery of this man’s precious help-meet and the restoration of order and sanity in his life.

Thank you




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