Michael Quinn Speaks to Fundamentalists at Centennial Park

Mike Quinn will be coming out with his third Mormon Hierarchy book next year and he apparently just signed a book contract with the University of Utah Press to write “A detailed history of plural marriage among the Mormons from Sep 1890 to Dec 1907, or 1915 or 1925” or something to that effect.

According to the grapevine this will be a more detailed and comprehensive version of his original, famous Dialogue article on Church-authorized, post-manifesto plural marriage.

Quinn is definitely one of the great LDS Historians and he has paid a stiff price for the integrity he showed in publishing the truth.

Within the last few weeks Quinn gave a talk to a fundamentalist group that is absolutely fascinating and extremely informative.

If you are interested in finding out the real reason that Quinn was excommunicated and also some very interesting facts about relatively recent Mormon  history you will probably be spellbound listening to this talk and the following Q&A.

Quinn, who is generally not an emotional person when giving talks, begins sobbing in this talk because of some of the heart breaking information he gives about decisions that church has made about forcing polygamists who married multiple wives legally in foreign nations, to discard their other wives in order to join the church.

He reveals a personal conversation he had with Gordon Hinckley wherein Hinckley confesses that he does not know very much about church history and doubts that any of the other General Authorities do either. Of course that is quite obvious to any of us that have studied church history, however the fact that he admits it is noteworthy.

The sad part about what Quinn is doing is that it will justify fundamentalists in their polygamy and it may even provide the impetus for the Snufferites and possibly even the modern church to eventually start practicing it.

While I love the research that Quinn has done, and the controversial history that he has shared, it is sad that he is so doctrinally ignorant and unable to discern the truth about polygamy.

Here is the video smf here is the text of his talk that was recently given at Centennial Park. The audio on the video becomes corrupted for a while during the Q and A.




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