Notable Emails Part 7 “My eyes have been opened”

On October 7th of last year I got the following comment on my blog by a fellow that calls himself “T”:


My eyes have been opened.

I have read through almost everything you have written here and have delved headlong into the scriptures as a result.

The insight provided by the Atonement Statute and JS’s intercessory offering explain so much.

The Spirit has testified to my soul of the truthfulness. Thank You…

I am now watching.

Feel free to respond directly by email.”

Following that I did contact him and we chatted for a while by email. Shortly after that, I got the following email from him:

“Hi Watcher: 

The more I study the more compelled I feel to start writing things down.  

I am considering starting a blog. 

I have two sons who have left the church and as I have fed them tidbits of information that I have discovered they have asked me start a blog. 

 I am wondering if you care that I use the title “One Who Is Searching”.   

It is obviously close to your One Who Is Watching.  My purpose is to direct them and others to the scriptures but perhaps in a more succinct manner than you have done in the past. 

 In a way this can be another witness of the many awesome truths that I am becoming aware of.   

Thanks be to God and thanks to you for your diligent searching and sharing. If you would rather that I title it something else, I am totally OK with that too.

Let me know, 


My response was as follows:

Sounds great to me.

When his blog posts began being published I was totally blown away.

It is certainly no secret that I am not a gifted writer and besides not being able to spell very well or construct an intelligible sentence, I am really long winded. People have been known to fall asleep, pass out,  go on vacation, or go into a comma while reading some of my shorter articles on doctrine. During New Testament times the Saints would have fallen out of windows and died during one of my long  windedf pontifications.

He wasn’t kidding when he said he was going to direct people to the scriptures in a “ succinct manner!” 

 What a breath of fresh air it is to read a well written, compelling post that is short and to the point!

As an added bonus, this guy is not crass and vulgar as I sometimes tend to be. He also doesn’t struggle with the ego like I do. There is no picking doctrinal fights with those that disagree, petty name calling, mudslinging, or whining about what other bloggers are teaching in his posts. He does not throw tantrums or go off onto tangents and forget what his post was supposed to be about. He just states the facts and moves on. And yet, he does call a spade a spade.

He has already written six posts and he has not cussed one time!

While I feel a little humiliated that he writes so much better than I do, I am, nevertheless, so excited to have his voice and his testimony out there that I feel like breaking out in song!

Imagine that, “Onewhoiswatching.. the Musical

I know that some of you have friends that are ready to wake up but you are too embarrassed to refer them to my blog because you don’t want to offend their sensitivities or put at risk the milk of human kindness that flows through their veins. But now you finally have a G rated blog that you can feel good about sending people to.

If you know people that are waking up, that would be blessed by some of the basic truth concepts documented by the word of God, presented in a classy, tasteful, well written manner, brimming with testimony, please do them a favor and refer them to T’s new blog.

Here are the topics he has covered thus far. I know this blog will be a blessing to many people as it has been to me.


I can’t wait for his next post.

Praise God





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