Notable Emails- Part 2: “Readers deserve to know if you truly are a heretic or just a faithful divergent thinker”

The next communication that I thought I would include in this series comes from a person whose initials are PT.

The entire communication that we had back and forth with each other is too long to include here, but about half way through our dialogue with each other, through email, he posed an interesting question:


I’m reading your “doctrine of awareness” series and I was wondering something.

It is very interesting.

I wanted to know if you sustain the prophet or not, if you are an active endowed member of the church.
With all those Denver, Rock, ordained Ladiz & co, readers deserve to know if you truly are a heretic or just a faithful divergent thinker.”

Of course a heretic is simply a divergent thinker who interprets scripture differently than the mainstream membership. The fact that a person is a heretic does not necessarily mean that he is wrong. Nevertheless, I understood what he was asking….. Here is my response:

“I suspect that most people that have read very many of my blog posts have a pretty good idea where I am coming from. I don’t go into detail [about my personal situation] because I don’t want the blog to be about me, nor do I hold myself up as a light to the world.

The idea is to use the concepts offered on the blog to stimulate thought and motivate a person to search deeper into the scriptures.

Nevertheless, since you have asked-

I consider myself a “Mormon” and a “Latter day Saint” in the broad, generic sense of the terms because I am a passionate believer in the Book of Mormon, the mission of Joseph Smith and the fulness of the Gospel which was briefly restored to the earth through the instrumentality of Joseph Smith…. and which will be returning [to the earth] shortly.

I believe all people that truly believe in Christ and try to live his teachings and who stand ready to receive the fulness of the Gospel are considered to be part of His preparatory church before the “true and living” church is fully restored.

I also believe that at this time, there “are none that doeth good except those who are ready to receive the fulness of [His] gospel“

Regarding the modern corporation that has co-oped the name of “Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints”, [Based on a misinterpretation of the prophecy about what the name of the church will be in the end times, after the final restoration commences, as contained in section 115 and following that, a denial of Gods promise to reject the church with it’s dead in section 124] I resigned my affiliation with that corporation about two decades ago.

I never encourage others to do the same because I have noticed that it usually does not end well for many people that do that. It is difficult for people to leave their community and tribe and to become spiritually self actualizing, without a support system. Many that leave, do so before they become seasoned in their beliefs. The result is that many become LDS fundamentalists or have a total crisis of faith and become atheists. (it is difficult to know which is more detrimental to the soul)

I think it is best for most people to wait until the appointed time when the Lord will call his people out of Babylon.

Regarding whether I sustain Tom Monson as a prophet seer and revelator-

I have seen no evidence to support the belief that he is a Seer or has been given the gift of being able to translate ancient records through the gift of seership. I do not believe he has the capacity to have or use a urim and thummim or a seer stone, indeed, he needs to employ the services of a professional translator when knowing what an ancient document says or when speaking to foreigners. Hence, I am unable to sustain him as a Seer or translator.

I have never seen him reveal new doctrine that is true, so I cannot sustain him as being a revelator.

I have never heard him prophesy and I have seen nothing to indicate that he is filled with the spirit of prophecy and therefore I cannot sustain him as a prophet.

After years of hearing him speak in GC and hearing him share his knowledge of the gospel, and evaluating his method of delivery, I am of the opinion that he is best suited for teaching in the Jr. Sunday School at the local level under the close supervision of a seasoned gospel scholar.

I hope this clears things up for you.

I thank you for visiting my blog


PT’s reply to my response:

“Thanks for your honesty and transparency.

I’ll keep reading and studying your blog though I may not agree on everything there’s a big plus to your posts : it makes me think outside the box and make me want to dig in the scriptures; it stirs up something inside my soul.

Have a good day”

My follow up:

“What box? LOL

I am glad it is motivating you to dig into the word of God, that is the only purpose of the blog and the only thing you should be concerned with.. all of the other opinions and interpretations are simply to push people out of their comfort zone and the past indoctrination and to get them to think and SEARCH the scriptures”

[BTW I have stated repeatedly in previous posts that the church still has relevance in several ways. It plays an important role in getting the BofM out there and it provides a training ground during this little season that we are in while we are waiting for the light of the fulness of the gospel to shine forth again, etc.

PS. If my blog motivates people to want to “dig in the scriptures”, it is accomplishing it’s purpose. Here are the links to the Doctrine of Awareness series that prompted PT’s questions

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