Miscellaneous Musings #11 Six Year Anniversary of OneWhoIsWatching

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[WARNING: This blog documents the truthfulness of the restored gospel and the validity of the LDS restoration movement and the ministry of the prophet Joseph Smith. HOWEVER, it also contains very controversial material about LDS Church doctrine and history and it is often critical of Modern Mormonism and the actions and decisions of the leaders thereof.

This particular series of “Miscellaneous Musings” addresses current events and the random thoughts and observations of the author.

At times the author uses a tone of irreverence, cynicism and sarcasm as therapy to help himself and some of his readers cope with the absurd, alternate reality that we live in.

Although many of the Latter day Jews (Mormons)  are convinced that we have the fulness of the Gospel on the earth, I am of the belief that we actually live in the prophesied time of “hidden darkness” when God’s apostate people think they are righteous but they are not..

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**China to Purchase the Federal Reserve?**


**Citizen Pulls Cop Over… Gives Warning**

**Ebola (The Desolating Scourge?) Update**

Years ago I met a brilliant scientist as a result of this blog. I have enjoyed a correspondence with him over the years.

Several days ago, on the 15th of this month, I got the following email from him:

“this ebola mess is getting really, really bad. my prediction, this will flare to something quite large in the US in a matter of two months.” I hugely respect the opinion of this man. I responded to his email with this response: “I am concerned that this may be the “desolating sickness” mentioned in the scriptures. We live in a time when it is difficult to know what to believe. there are still people claiming it is just a false flag with no real threat… but there are also lots of terrifying stories. Who can we believe? The main reason I take it seriously is that such a plague is prophesied to emerge at about this time..(according to my precise calculations LOL) I recently read a story claiming that the disease was intentionally started by the American Red Cross who started it and spread it with their vaccines in that country. The government has since kicked the ARC out of the country because it was realized what they have done. It appears the mainstream media is covering it up. I realize that sounds unbelievable, but what if it is true? What if the PTB are implementing their global population control agenda through this disease? Now there are people calling for the vaccination of the global community to prevent this thing…RIGHT! Yep, sign me up for that one… NOT! It is also interesting how the demise of the dollar and the financial system is also being projected by some people to begin during that same two month period… Interesting times..” This was his response: “There is no vaccine for Ebola, so I wouldn’t put any stock in the ARC story, unless we are to assume that the ARC intentionally infected one or more individuals with an active virus and then purposefully reused needles from infected individuals to vaccinate (e.g., for measles, hepatitis, etc) uninfected people. That would require the collaboration of lots of field docs and nurses who would have to have ignored standard safety protocol, which is a scenario that is even too far-fetched for me. In fact, there is no real treatment for ebola whatsoever. There are experimental treatments that hold some promise; however, there are no resources to manufacture them on a scale that matters, since they only recently were put to the test. In my opinion, this is simply a case of ignorance, unpreparedness, negligence, or perhaps more maliciously, intentional negligence on the part of governments world-wide. The real issue here is that, contrary to what the CDC says, ebola appears to be air-borne, or at least is somewhat aerosolizable. In other words, either the CDC is just plain stupid, or they are lying about how contagious it is to blanket us with a false sense of security. On top of that, fatality is approaching 70%. This is super bad. Most people who die from the flu and other viruses are people who are immuno-compromised in some way due to pre-existing conditions. Ebola doesn’t discriminate, it simply kills you no matter how healthy you are (at least 70% of the time). This is the scariest part.” I then asked him the following question: “Do you put any stock in the claims that a blood transfusion from someone that recovers from the virus can cure the disease in someone else?” His response was: “That I do believe….given that that is the basis for what I do for a living. 🙂 In one of our company’s product lines, antibodies are purified from people who have been previously immunized (or perhaps infected) with a virus like rabies, hepatitis c, tetanus, or another virus. The antibodies are concentrated and formulated to have a very low risk of contaminating pathogens, and then used by patients for acute infections of the aforementioned viruses. They help the body to fight the infection. The main difference between using whole blood from a person who has successfully recovered from ebola infection and using a purified stock of antibodies is that antibodies in the whole blood are less concentrated and there a much greater risk of opportunistic infection from a different virus or pathogen in the whole blood. (However, if you have ebola, I’m guessing you don’t really care if you contract another virus from whole blood treatment, even if it is HIV-1). Nevertheless, in the long run, it is much more preferable to have a purified therapeutic. Some of the experimental drugs that have been used successfully for ebola are similar in concept to purified human antibodies, except that they are mass produced in cell culture (basically, in large incubators or flasks) rather than harvested from human plasma (like we do at the company I work for). However, it seems to be much more effective to have a polyclonal treatment (many different kinds of antibodies like you get from human plasma) rather than monoclonal antibodies (like you get from cell culture). So these companies that make monoclonals tend to make a couple of them and combine them in a cocktail so that they are more effective. In a nutshell, yes, I think taking whole blood from a recovered individual works, but it is a last resort.” As I have pondered the ominous concerns that this fellow raised about the possibility of the Ebola mess getting really really bad in a matter of two months, I was reminded of the incubation period. What if many of the the hundreds of Americans who have possibly been exposed to this virus are in the incubation period and eventually break out! Can you imagine the panic and paranoia that would ensue? Particularly now that it is know that many people suffering from the virus don’t even get a fever. On a related note, here is a video of a concerned MD that I found quite interesting https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=npqnYniJQnU#t=91 After reviewing 900 papers on Ebola… “The more I learn [about Ebola], the less I knowhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UkMKUa0sxBQ#t=55 Also consider this: • 95% of Ebola incubations occur from 1 – 21 days • 3% of Ebola incubations occur from 21 – 42 days • 2% of Ebola incubations are not explained (why?) If this interpretation of the WHO’s statistics are correct, it would mean that: • 1 in 20 Ebola infections may result in incubations lasting significantly longer than 21 days • The 21-day quarantine currently being enforced by the CDC is entirely insufficient to halt an outbreak • People who are released from observation or self-quarantine after 21 days may still become full-blown Ebola patients in the subsequent three weeks, even if they have shown no symptoms of infection during the first 21 days. (Yes, read that again…) Any declaration that an outbreak is over requires 42 days with no new infections http://www.naturalnews.com/047267_ebola_outbreak_incubation_period_viral_transmission.html BTW I have a first cousin that is a member of the Presidency of the Africa West Area of the Church. He noted at a family gathering that the Ebola crisis is leaving missionaries with no place to go after the mission ends because the countries that they are from will not allow them to return… gruesome!

**Temple Garment Damage Control**

 “To those outside a particular faith, the rituals and clothing may seem unfamiliar. But for the participants they can stir the deepest feelings of the soul, motivate them to do good, even shape the course of a whole life of service. The nun’s habit. The priest’s cassock. The Jewish prayer shawl. The Muslim’s skullcap. The saffron robes of the Buddhist monk. All are part of a rich tapestry of human devotion to God.” I never thought the church would use the apostate robes and paraphernalia of an apostate priesthood and of other pagan religions to justify the un-scriptural used of the robes and apron in the LDS temple ceremony. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PsLrVpeodog Here is one of my favorite snippets from brother Hugh.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NSjE2Ks38uE

**Two New Disciplinary Protocols ?** Two Excommunications for the Price of One

I am hearing stories increasingly about people who are called in by their Stake President for counseling and possible disciplinary action who, when they are not willing to be strong-armed into submission, they are invited to resign or face excommunication.

In the past, people were seldom invited to resign prior to a court, rather, they were simply brought into a church court.

If this is a new trend, I applaud the church on this change.

I think it is very wise on their part.

I think the church leaders have learned that when you excommunicate  for someone for apostasy, you are inadvertently destroying their reputation among certain judgmental friends and church members.  When you do that to sincere religious people who simply disagree with practices and doctrine, bad karma takes place and it comes back to haunt the church for generations.

In the past, destroying a person’s reputation was leverage that the church took advantage of.

Things appear to be changing.

Nowadays, because of the Internet and the court of public opinion,  it is the reputation of the church and how they treat people that seems to be on trial.

The Internet is making everything public.

Another trend, according to some accounts, is that the church is now categorically excommunicating the spouse of the person being disciplined if she appears to be supportive of her husband in anyway.

This is quite interesting.

I am not sure it is a true trend. I suspect there are a few isolated situations that we don’t have all of the information about that are being highlighted.

I am aware of leaders of the church in the past that have counseled people to divorce their spouse over doctrinal and faith based issues. I have a very close personal friend who had a crisis of faith in the early part of his marriage and his Bishop counseled his wife to leave him.

I feel there is a special place in hell for Bishops and Stake Presidents that would take it upon themselves to interfere in a marital relationship in that way.

The apostle Paul took quite a different view of the situation:

And the woman which hath an husband that believeth not, and if he be pleased to dwell with her, let her not leave him. For the unbelieving husband is sanctified by the wife, and the unbelieving wife is sanctified by the husband..”

On the other hand, if the leaders of a local church really are beginning to put a spouse through excommunication even though they have paid a faithful tithe and never been vocal themselves, in a sense, the church may still be encouraging divorce. Such a humiliation upon a neutral spouse or even a spouse that leans towards the philosophical side of their mate may not weather the storm of public humiliation, and the strain may result in divorce.

Supposedly both of these trends are identified in this current event.

**Absolute Zero**

A book about a man with Ebola who flew to Dallas and began the Ebola pandemic in America

Published in 1999, written in 1997.

Has it all been planned out and revealed.

Very bizarre.

** I am a Racist**

**Magnetic Field weakening 10 times faster**


**Update on “Meet the Fokkers Mormons”**

In my last musings I commented about the up and coming Meet the Mormons Movie. Since then, the movie has hit the theaters and is doing better than expected by the leaders of the church. My personal assessment is that “Meet the Mormons” is an extension of the “I am a Mormon” Internet campaign, which subliminally promotes the “I want to be like you” narrative on varying levels. One the one hand, the “I am a Mormon” campaign wants non-Mormons to know that we Mormons are just like them. Just regular guys! Forget about our history of blood atonement, polygamy and racism. We are just like you now, world! The deeper message of the campaign is that “you pagan monkeys out there should want to be like us!” We are happy, successful and amazingly awesome! So come an join us and you can be totally awesome too! For this reason, I think the popular Disney song should be the theme song for the “I am a Mormon” internet campaign https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9JDzlhW3XTM “I want to talk like you, walk like you, wee-bee-dee-boo..  La La La” Anyway, getting back to the new Meet the Mormons flick which is basically an extension of the “I am a Mormon” campaign except that it focuses on highly unusual people who have apparently internalized some Christ-like principles in their lives, a friend of mine went to see it and I asked him what his assessment of it was. His comment was that the marketing department of the church did a remarkable job of finding six needles in a haystack of about 15 million pieces of straw. LOL These hand picked people were chosen to be the poster children of Mormonism. What I found poignant was the Deseret News article on how the Church invited the whose who of famous celebrity Mormons to preview the screening. What a striking difference when you compare the lives of some of these high profile Mormons to the poster children in the movie. It was shocking to see celebrities who have exercised their faith in silicone and plastic surgery to maintain fame and fortune, and others who need to mainline Prozac in order to deal with their miserable lives because of really bad decisions they have made, in the context of being cheerleaders for the poster children of their shared faith. One has to wonder if some of the celebrities were privately mumbling something about how surprised they were, to find out from the movie, what Mormons are supposed to be like. It was also interesting to note that the church PR department had identified and recruited numerous high profile LDS bloggers and Vlogers to try and generate a viral marketing campaign to promote the movie. Heck, if Jeremy Runnells can use the Internet to do a negative viral campaign about Mormonism, why can’t the church use it to improve the image of the Church by promoting  a positive, if not, skewed view, of what an average Mormon is like? As I looked at how some of these online Internet celebrities became popular and what their themes are centered around, I had to blush a little bit. Several decades ago some of these folks would have been censored by the church, now they are embraced because they have a huge center of influence.

 **The Latest Financial Doom**

BIS warns on ‘violent’ reversal of global markets http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/economics/11162217/BIS-warns-on-violent-reversal-of-global-markets.html Why would a CIA insider predict that a 25 year great depression is going to begin in April of 2015? http://moneymorning.com/ext/articles/rickards/25-year-great-depression.php?from=oo

**Is Karma Catching up with Lois Learner**

**ISIS Update**

ISIS : A CIA Creation to Justify War Abroad and Repression at Home

**Section 132 and the Doctrine of Exaltation**

Years ago I wrote some blog posts regarding the doctrinal inconsistencies and absurdities of Section 132. It completely contradicted three other revelations in the D&C when Brigham Young took it upon himself to canonize it.  I also questioned the doctrine of “exaltation” as depicted in section 132. It always tickles me when someone else seems to agree on many of the issues I bring up. Particularly when they do a better job of articulating the issues: http://gregstocks.wordpress.com/2014/10/02/dc-section-132-is-an-other-gospel/

** Sixth Year Anniversary of OneWhoIsWatching**

A few days ago I was notified by WordPress that it was the 6th anniversary of OneWhoIsWatching. I should have ordered custom caps for readers of this blog that say “Because I am Watching” on them. LOL Perhaps I will do that one the 7th anniversary, which is hopefully about the time that the servants will return to the vineyard. I had started my ThreeWatches blogspot a few months prior to starting this blog which focused on how the Marvelous Work and a Wonder is a future event. It did not start back at the restoration of the Church. While posting over 50 scriptural and historical indicators showing that Joseph Smith’s ministry was a preparatory work for the great work that is yet to come forth, in the 3rd and final “watch” (dispensation) I decided to create this blog which would have to do with deep doctrine and church history. I chose to use wordpress for this theme because the Anarchist had invited me to do some guest posts on his blog and I fell in love with how wordpress works. My how time flies when you are having fun! I can’t believe I have been offending people for six years now. LOL. I have tried to be as nondiscriminatory as possible in who I offend, whether it be protestants, anti-Mormons, LDS apologists, Mainstream Mormons, my fellow bloggers in the LDS fringe vertical and even the Snufferites.

The Goal of OneWhoIsWatching   

My primary goal over the years has been to drive people into a much deeper study of the scriptures and the true history of the church. I have never had a large readership and I am pretty sure I never will because very few people can handle the cold hard truth. Most people visit this blog for a short period of time and then run for cover and therapy. Nevertheless, I have met a few kindred spirits who are also watching. I have had some wonderful feedback from time to time from people who have taken the challenge to search the scriptures and delve deep into a literal, non-correlated, spirit-led reading of God’s holy and infallible word. Here is the most recent feedback that I have received. His first comment came in my “about” section because I cannot turn the comments off in that part of the blog: “Watcher My eyes have been opened. I have read through almost everything you have written here and have delved headlong into the scriptures as a result. The insight provided by the Atonement Statute and JS’s intercessory offering explain so much. The Spirit has testified to my soul of the truthfulness…I am now watching.”   In a follow up conversation by personal email this same person calling themselves “T”, had this to say:

  “I don’t know that I have had quite as spiritual an experience with the scriptures as when studying the intercessory offering of JS et al. It has been amazing..The problem with losing your naivete regarding the modern church is that one has to reconstruct faith based upon the revelations and scriptures and systematically identify and discard all the distracting dross. The precepts of men are so prevalent in what we preach, and yet few notice. It is without irony that we hear “follow the prophet” repeatedly in general conference, and are assured that he will never lead us astray. I never noticed the idolatry until recently. The wonderful thing is that I am now focused on Christ, and it feels so good.As I have been reconstructing my faith from the scriptures, it has become clear that everything that Joseph did or said after the pivot point of the intercessory offering (April 3, 1836) should be subject to a double dose of serious scrutiny. This particularly relates to what goes on in the temple. As you have rightly pointed out the “endowment ceremony” that is currently practiced bears no resemblance to the true endowment of the Holy Melchizedek Priesthood, being called up by the voice of the father. I can find no scriptural justification for this at all….Awaiting the return of the servants…”
I praise God almighty for testimonies from people like “T” who are experiencing a spiritual awakening in God’s holy word.During the last six years I have been the recipient of numerous emails and blog comments like that one and I get giddy every time I get one. . One of these days I am going to do an entire post containing some of the amazing testimonies that people have shared about their personal awakening in reading the scriptures.
. I don’t take credit for any of those testimonies. . PRAISE BE TO GOD! . I am a pathetic, dross, mortal just like everybody else. I want to make that perfectly clear. . Whenever I start getting full of myself the good Lord humbles me real quickly and he reminds me that I am the back end of a horse. Whenever truth emerges on this blog it is because of the glory and condescension of a merciful God. When something foolish and untrue finds its place on this blog, it comes from my mortal, prideful heart and mind. . Your job as a reader of this blog is to discern which is which. . There are signs of the times all around us. It is showtime my friends. . The great work is about to begin and there is not one of us that will not be surprised at how the event is going to unfold.
 Dr. Hales ad Dr. Smith Respond to Grant Palmer

To celebrate my anniversary I thought I would antagonize some LDS apologists, so I went over to MormonInterpreter to see if I could shake things up a little bit. Dr Brian Hales and Dr Gregory Smith had recently posted an article called “A Response to Grant Palmer’s ‘Sexual Allegations against Joseph Smith and the Beginnings of Polygamy in Nauvoo” Grant Palmer is an ex-missionary and ex-seminary instructor who became an ex-Mormon. He lost his faith when he became aware of some controversial historical issues. He was not able to withstand the storm of the adversary because he had built his faith on a sandy foundation. Had he searched as deeply in the word of God, looking for reasons to believe and expecting the promised manifestation of the spirit, as he did the history of the church looking for reasons to reject the restoration, he may have withstood the storm of the adversary. Of course the game is not over. Pray for him.

How does Revisionary Interpretation of Scripture Take Place?

It was actually a pretty good article that Brian Hales and Gregory Smith wrote. I learned some interesting things in reading it. Dr. Brian Hales has apparently made some serious scratch, passing gas during surgery  and he has used some of his fortune to pay a full time researcher to gather up everything he can find about the topic of polygamy in LDS church history. In my opinion, many of his views about polygamy appear to have been formulated whilst he was standing too close to the gas dispenser. With the research he has paid a researcher to accumulate, he has written several books to promote his views on polygamy. Because if his research, he and his friend Gregory Smith were able to write a critical review of Grant Palmer’s article about Joseph Smith’s involvement in polygamy. Although I enjoyed the article by Hales and Smith, I found a very disturbing attempt by them to participate in a blatantly false, revisionist interpretation of section 132, so I thought I would call them on it. Here is my first response to the article Here is Brian’s reply Here is my response to his reply I must say that I am impressed that the folks over at the MormonInterpreter (Formerly FARMS) are allowing my comments now. They used to ban many of my comments. Perhaps it is a sign of the times. In my comments I mentioned Brian’s debate at Sunstone with an LDS feminist and how impressed I was with how Brian conducted himself during the debate. In my next life I am going to be as classy as he is in responding to my detractors.

The Kingdom is Currently Prevailing over the Kingdoms of the World?!?!

During our exchange Brian accused people like me, that are critical of the church, of not helping the kingdom to roll forth and he grossly misinterprets the prophetic dream Joseph had about the kingdom rolling forth, that is recorded in section 65 to justify his declaration. Naturally he assumes that the LDS church is the kingdom that the prophet Daniel saw. He is apparently unfamiliar with the old testament prophecies regarding the kingdom that would roll forth in power,  breaking in pieces all of the kingdoms of the world. He is unaware of this because he is apparently not very well read in the scriptures and he has been brainwashed by the correlated teachings of the corporate church. This is the problem I have noticed with many of the so-called scholars that attempt to defend the church. A person who is not intimately familiar with the history of the LDS restoration has a very difficult time contextually understanding prophecy and even doctrine in the scriptures, particularly in the D&C. Conversely someone who is not intimately familiar with the four standard works cannot understand the context behind the bizarre things that took place during the history of the church. A person who has a busy medical practice has little time to delve deeply into the word of God. He doesn’t even have the time to do his own research of church history for the books he writes.

LDS Apologetics Has Changed

I have been thinking about how much things have changed in the world of LDS apologetics during the last few decades. In the early days, Mormon apologists  only had to deal with a handful of prominent anti-Mormon critics, most of who were evangelical Christians. Those were the good old days when the apologists would circle the wagons and defend the faith against protestants that had a differing view of Biblical Christianity. As they constructed their replies to critics, they were largely catering to both critics and members of the church who were largely ignorant of the true history of the church and unqualified to discern the veracity of the articles that were defending the faith. LDS apol 1 Things have changed! Now critics of the church are much more knowledgeable about the history of the church and many mainstream members are also becoming much more knowledgeable. I have noticed that every day Christians are now taking a greater interesting in parsing out problems Mormonism, not just protestant scholars. People such as this guy and this guy are actually doing critical book reviews of the Book of Mormon on the Internet. The Mormon Moment fueled by Mitt Romney and proposition 8 has created a very negative hyper-focus on Mormonism. Additionally, in today’s world, LDS apologists have much more to deal with than just outsiders that view Biblical Christianity differently than Mormonism and claim that Mormons are not Christian. They are now getting bombarded from all directions. Much of what LDS apologetics must deal with now, is coming from Mormons who are having a crisis of faith. Some of them leave the church while others stay and become vocal from within. John Dehlin is a good example of someone who has chosen to retain his membership so that he can be critical of the church from within the ranks of the membership. Then there are those of us blogger that passionately believe in the restored gospel, but are challenging the truth claims and other teachings of the apostate corporate church. This means that traditional LDS apologetics are being attacked from without and from WITHIN the faith! The Internet has greatly changed things. The Google apostasy has completely changed the dynamic as thousands of Latter days Saints are being bombarded with controversial doctrinal and historical information on a daily basis. In the early days of my blogging career, it seemed like there was just a handful of blogs that were defending the true principles of the restoration while challenging the teachings of the modern corporate church. LDS apol 2 In the last few years however, there has been a proliferation in new blogs that are all challenging the false teachings of Modern Mormonism, while still affirming the authenticity and truthfulness of the LDS restoration movement that took place 180 years ago. There is clearly an awakening taking place among members of the church. Sadly, many of the new blogs are authored by Snufferites. Tim Malone has done a good job of cataloging many of these new blogs in his blogroll on the side panel of  of his blog. His blog is an interesting case study because for years, he was an ardent supporter of the corporate church, but has recently changed his views drastically as a result of the Snufferite Movement. In the past, traditional LDS apologists at FAIR and FARMS ignored those of us that were challenging the revisionary history and doctrines of the modern corporate church. It will be interesting to see if they eventually feel the need to start specifically addressing our articles the way that they have written responses to the papers written by critics like Wesley P. Walters, Ed Decker and Michael Marquardt and ex-Mormon critics like Grant Palmer. [I just noticed that  LDS apologist Dr. Brian Hales has started commenting on the PureMormonism blog trying to engage some Snufferites and other disenfranchised Saints, which I think is wonderful! I think he is going to find a different situation speaking to them than he has found speaking to the Grant Palmers of the world ] Interestingly, many long term, professional critics of Mormonism like Wesley P. Walters and Michael Marquardt, who have never believed in the LDS restoration, are actually softening in their criticisms of Joseph Smith and Mormonism while ex-Mormon critics are becoming much more vocal and vicious. I was somewhat shocked at the following admission of Waters and Marquardt in their publication of “Inventing Mormonism” (A title which is very misleading): “Having been involved in our own quest for the past thirty years searching archives for clues to this and other mysteries, we have long since abandoned the simple prophet-fraud dichotomy that others still find so compelling. Our intent is to understand, not to debunk. The question of volition is open-ended. Smith believed that he spoke with supernatural beings, and he produced impressive transcripts of interviews with them. Whether he actually did is ultimately a matter of faith.”

False Prophets can be a Blessing

Even false prophets that arise amongst us do a wonderful work in getting people to begin searching the scriptures. The problem of course is that many of their followers begin to rely on the false prophets to interpret what the passages are saying. At the end of the day, those who are predestined for life and salvation eventually see the deception and move on, those that have been ordained for darkness continue on in the deception created by the false prophet. It is unfortunate that those of us in this blog niche have not come to a unity of the faith on many issues. Sadly, many of my contemporaries in this niche are shamelessly promoting the Snufferite Movement. I doubt that a unity of faith will happen until the light shines forth and God’s anointed servants return to the vineyard. Nevertheless, I think that cumulatively, we have all been inspired to bring to light many issues that are causing people to think, ponder and pray about the current state of the corporate church and prepare themselves for the great work that is coming. Most importantly, these blogs are getting people to search the scriptures and re-evaluate their beliefs that they have gained from the correlated lessons given in Church. While I disagree with some of the things my fellow fringe bloggers teach, I am very aware that they are doing a great work in waking people up. There are now countless blogs out there that are taking the church to task and challenging the idolatry in the false doctrine of “follow the brethren, they will never lead you astray“.

The Rockster is a Rock Star

Recently a very good friend of mine experienced a severe crisis of faith which almost destroyed his faith in everything, including Christ. It began when he read “Mormon Crucifixion” and then he read the article by Jeremy Runnells, who, like Grant Palmer, had built his faith on a sandy foundation. Jeremy’s article is basically a summary of all of the most compelling criticisms that have ever been leveled about the church. He claims his paper is about why he lost the testimony of the Gospel. I would suggest that you cannot lose something you never had. Like Grant Palmer, Jeremy apparently used his energy looking for problems instead of searching the scriptures and looking for the manifestation of God’s spirit, therefore, when he came across some disturbing controversial issues pertaining to church history and doctrine, his religious worldview imploded. Sadly, this friend of mine that had a crisis of faith, had little interest in reading anything I have written to help him during his crisis because he had known me personally for many years and he realizes what a pathetic clown I am. (familiarity breeds contempt) Anyway, on with the story, one day this close friend of mine that was having a crisis of faith called me to chat about things and I heard the sound of hope in his voice. He informed me that he had found a renewed hope and had made a commitment to get back to the basics and reconsider the life of Christ and his ministry. I asked him why he was feeling better about things and he said he had just listened to the Rock Waterman interview on Mormon Stories. It was just what he needed to hear to guide him into a more positive paradigm change. It played a pivotal role in helping him to transition from faith crisis, to hope and renewal. He is now delving deeper into the scriptures. You rock, Rock, but Praise be to God. God is working through lots of people and it is important that we all give credit to God and realize what clowns we all are.

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