How Zion Will Be Redeemed Part 1

Christ Expounds on the Prophecy of Micah Three Times

For those anticipating the establishment of Zion, preparatory to the return of the Lord, (in glory) perhaps the prophecies of Christ in 3rd Nephi 16, 20 and 21 provide some of the most detailed and compelling narratives about how this event will take place.

The setting of these chapters is Christ’s visit to the inhabitants of America. Jesus Christ is speaking to the more righteous portion of the Nephites that were not destroyed at his coming. He blesses them and establishes his church among them.

In all three chapters, the Lord appears to be paraphrasing or quoting from an ancient prophecy in Micah that speaks of an army that treads down the unrepentant gentiles in the last days.

However the wording and context of each recital differs subtly and significantly from the other two.


In the various renditions referring to the prophecy in Micah, the Lord refers to the “House of Israel“, “House of Jacob” and the “remnant of Jacob” respectively. Although many people assume that all three terms are synonymous, I would suggest that they are not.

A contextual examination with the use of keyword comparisons will demonstrate that these three accounts are highlighting different participants from various branches of the House of Israel that will be part of the army that treads down the gentiles.

It will also demonstrate that the prophecies in Micah and Isaiah 52, dovetail with the parable of the redemption of Zion in Sections 101, 103 and 105.

People who disregard or don’t understand modern revelation are at a significant disadvantage in understanding this most important topic.

“House of Israel” – The Army of Israel”

In his first declaration in chapter 16, Christ refers to the army as being composed of the “house of Israel”. This terminology is consistent with section 105 given in Zions Camp, prophesying that the “army of Israel” will eventually become “very great

The prophecy in section 105 continues on:

“And after these lands are purchased, I will hold the armies of Israel guiltless in taking possession of their own lands, which they have previously purchased with their moneys, and of throwing down the towers of mine enemies that may be upon them, and scattering their watchmen, and avenging me of mine enemies unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me.

31 But first let my army become very great, and let it be sanctified before me, that it may become fair as the sun, and clear as the moon, and that her banners may be terrible unto all nations”

The above narrative is referencing the parable of the redemption of Zion and related passages given in sections 101, 103 and 105, which the Zion’s Camp expedition was attempting to fulfill. It becomes obvious in this section that even though Zion’s Camp would fail in their attempt to redeem Zion, the Lord was still going to have them fulfill the commandment and prophecy at a later time, after a little season. In fact, later in this series, we shall review a secret revelation that was given the day after section 105 was given which will shed further light on how Zion will be redeemed.

A great key in understanding how this prophetic scenario unfolds is in understanding that the first elders of the restored church who were identified with the Gentiles are also the literal “Sons of Jacob” who are heirs to the covenant according to the flesh. Although they were identified with the Gentiles, they were different and distinct from the Gentiles with regard to lineage.

More on this later.

“..Remnant of the House of Jacob”

When Christ continues expounding on the Micah prophecy in chapter 20, his slight change of verbiage reveals that he is telling the Nephites that he is speaking to, that they, “a remnant of the House of Jacob“, are literally going to be returned to the earth in the flesh, to participate in the army of Israel that goes forth treading down the Gentiles.

This explains why the Zion, set up by Christ in America, stayed on the earth for the duration of 3 1/2 generations and was not raptured up like the Old Testament Zion communities of Enoch and Melchizedek. Their calling is to remain on this earth and fulfill the Abrahamic Covenant that takes place during the Marvelous Work and a Wonder. They will unite with the returning “Sons of Jacob” to help reestablish Zion on earth. Eventually, the reestablished Zion will be caught up to meet the Zion of Enoch in the air when it comes down.

“The Remnant of Jacob”

Finally, when Christ gives a third variation of the Micah prophecy in chapter 21 of 3rd Nephi, He reveals that the army of Israel will also be  include descendents of Lehi that repent and are converted. We learn from section 109 that the term “remnant of Jacob” has specific reference to the Lamanites:

“And cause that the remnants of Jacob, who have been cursed and smitten because of their transgression, be converted from their wild and savage condition to the fulness of the everlasting gospel”

Reading Assignment

Please read chapters 16,   20, and 21  of 3rd Nephi very carefully taking nothing for granted.

Forget how you have heard it interpreted at church and don’t assume that all three accounts are referring to the “remnant of Jacob“, they are not!

Read them in the context that the wording variations are intentional and significant.

Then read the parable of the redemption of Zion and associated passages as they are contained in sections 101, 103, and 105.

Keep in mind that every unconditional promise and prophecy must come to pass, even if it means returning people from the dead, because God’s word must come to pass.

For as I, the Lord God, liveth, even so my words cannot return void, for as they go forth out of my mouth they must be fulfilled.

My word shall not pass way but shall all be fulfilled.

In part two we will continue with what Christ tells us about the Marred Servant, that reveals Christs words, and gathers Israel.


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