Arial Sharon

This development is quite interesting..

I have no opinion about it other than, it is kind of interesting..

Ariel Sharon dies after 8 years in coma –


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  1. Lew says:

    Everyone dies

  2. Yes but not everyone death has an alleged prophecy associated with it.

  3. Ryan says:

    Ariel = Throne of God and synonymous with Jerusalem (see Isa. 29)
    That’s all I got.

  4. Adam says:

    There is a Rabbi named Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri, that prophesied that the Messiahs coming is imminent after Sharon passes

  5. Fusion says:

    In the spirit of the little conversation here on Israel, I have come across a very unique site, with some thrilling things for those interested in the modern-day Jews in Palestine + the North American Remnant + the Book of Mormon…and much more. It is well worth the read, chocka block with interesting things:

    This video about the amazing Israelite tribe who kept their Menache (Manasseh) traditions when exiled from Israel 2,700 ago and wandered in the Himalayas in India until their amazing return to Palestine recently is simply one more notch on the yardstick of the sign of the times:

    A slight warning though- the author almost enjoys writing as much as the Watcher! lol


  6. Adam says:


    The website that you suggested is very interesting. I read most of the posts and they seem very inspired.

  7. Fusion says:


    I felt the same way. Isn’t it amazing that the leaders of our corporate Church don’t have a website about these very things, officially? There is so much great stuff done on the sidelines, especially by Wayne May- his youtube videos are worth every second of effort, and Sis Carol Phyllis Olive at her website…amongst a few others.

    Imagine these things like on the above website, and on this blog, being on!

    Why is there no mention of the House of Lehi (Beit Lehi) in Palestine, or the tribes like the ones from India who having an amazing story? Where is the research and pressing forward in archeological studies around the Great Lakes areas (the obvious place for the Book of Mormon) on the Church’s website?

    They could care less about this stuff, especially the Lamanites. If you research the story on Elder George P. Lee, especially the stuff he testified against them before they excommunicated him- it is an eye opener.

    All they care about in the end is tithing…

    If only the entire lds membership would take one year’s tithing and fast offerings etc and give it to ‘the least of our brethren’ who are in need around us- THEN the action and humility would finally kick in amongst the leaders and they would get the Mason gene out of their DNA


  8. THEN the action and humility would finally kick in amongst the leaders and they would get the Mason gene out of their DNA” LOL now that is a quotable!

    I have been sick with the stomach flu but finally got around to looking at the websites Fusion.. very interesting indeed.

  9. JennyP1969 says:

    Fusion, that is a remarkable website! Thanks for the heads up.

  10. JennyP1969 says:

    Feel better, Watcher. We need thee…

  11. BTW

    I am enjoying the work of Carol Phyllis Olive. I had never heard of her.

  12. Fusion says:

    Jews in BoM a new, unique made up theory by Joseph Smith?Not so:

  13. Fusion says:

    Hope you guys are enjoying tying in some of that stuff on the latter day israel website with the stuff on this blog (you’re welcome Jenny).

    Here’s an interesting one Watcher-

    I have never heard of Maurice Glendenning who said he heard the voice of the Lord calling him since he was a boy (he heard heavenly music all the time apparently) to set up the Levitical preparations in anticipation of the Lord’s coming. Apparently he says he brought forth new revelations (side note: I am surprised how many LDS or post LDS folks have brought forth ‘revelations! So many of them!) and they are in a Book called the Levitical writings, including the Book of Elias.

    Now, normally I look at stuff like this, skim over it and move on because in my opinion none of it holds water. However, I came across something that caught my attention. I notice a Hebrew website mentioned him and how he is a false prophet.

    I found that fair enough. Then, I saw exactly why they consider him so. One of which I’ll paste here:

    “In February of 1930 Glendenning prophesied “for yet sixty years and the third day shall be, and then shall the temple be built for Judah and Ephraim.” (L.W. 157:8 Book of Elias 149:8)

    Of course we now know that the Temple was not rebuilt in 1990.”

    Out of curiosity, knowing the Hebrew site is talking about Jerusalem of old and not USA, I googled LDS temples that may have been dedicated in 1990. Disappointed, I found none.

    Then, I looked up ‘Missouri Temple’ and was surprised to find that the St Louis temple was announced 1990-

    However, even more interesting was this from Wikipedia about that OTHER Missouri temple, yes, Independence:

    ‘Groundbreaking for the temple took place Friday 6 April 1990’

    How’s that for a coincidence?!


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