The Shadow of Judgment is Upon Us

“We must not be afraid to speak the truth… If a city lies in danger of destruction.. We must sound the alarm….. The truth must be spoken…  If I offend you, I apologize that I cannot apologize for offending you.. Without truth there is not love” Jonathan Cahn

I have blogged about the amazing prophecies in Isaiah, about the world trade center and the fact that America has entered into a preliminary time of judgment before, but the youtube below provides an amazing inaugural prayer speech by Jonathan Cahn that was given in Washington DC earlier this year.

It is amazing.

I praise God for people like Jonathan Cahn and  Chuck Missler who are watchman on the wall and who are not afraid to raise the warning voice.

It is amazing that the “shepherds of Israel” who own the copyright to the Book of Mormon, which details the fact that America would be infiltrated by a secret combination (that is currently directing their efforts from the big white house), are relatively quiet about what is happening all around us, yet some of the “less inspired” protestant ministers are awake and boldly to sounding the alarm.


15 Responses to The Shadow of Judgment is Upon Us

  1. Terry says:

    Truer words were never spoken, where are the elders of the restoration,have they sold out to the 501c3

    • Interesting that you said that Terry… just after posting that speech it occurred to me that the church would never want to put their 501c3 or their relationship with the cabal in jeopardy by raising the warning voice.

  2. Bounce Back says:

    Did you forget to send a link to Cahn’s speech?

    Date: Mon, 2 Dec 2013 17:02:43 +0000 To:

  3. Fusion says:

    Absolutely phenomenal!! It was actually thrilling to listen and watch…

    I didn’t watch all the way to the end as it was 4am and I fell asleep at my desk…but I awoke wondering if somebody attempted assassinating the man after that no-pulled-punches rhetoric!

    The allusions made to the ‘walls’ being built up brick by brick and ‘the scycamore tree’ were just hair-raising.

    I remarked to my Wife how terribly insipid and pathetic in comparison our 15 + 70 x 7 plus all the other followers of the Emperor with His New Clothes are in SLC. Could NEVER imagine anything like this from them!! PERIOD.

    Do they even dare go out on a limb and actually teach and open up the scriptures??! Sans teleprompter?!

    Terry, sadly the Elders of the Restoration are long gone, so to speak. I await their return…especially two of them.

    • Fusion

      The amazing prophetic connections in the speach that clearly identify America in end times prophecy and that connect the church to Israel, provide an amazing illustration of what Missler is missing out on. I guess the point is that all of us have only bits of the puzzle and that it will take the Elders of the restoration to come back and connect ALL of the dots and complete the puzzle for everyone.

  4. JennyP1969 says:

    He sure doesn’t use Primary voice.

  5. Ryan says:

    Has anyone read Jonathan Cahn’s book?

    I’m picking it up today.

  6. Fusion says:

    An absolute treat from Jonathan Cahn…do watch the entire thing about when Jesus was born, it’s fascinating!

    While you do that, think about Joseph Smith and his revelations/teachings as to when Jesus was born, which is total discord with 99.99999% of the Christian world:


  7. Ryan says:

    I’ve been called out of town on business a lot lately and haven’t had the time to really get my thoughts out on Jonathan Cahn’s book.

    His book is based on Isa. 9:10

    “The bricks have fallen down,

    But we will rebuild with hewn stones;

    The sycamores are cut down,

    But we will replace them with cedars.”

    Which gives 9 Harbingers. Here’s something that I found online that sums them up…

    “In summary, here are the harbingers Cahn sees using Isaiah 9:10 and how they apply to both 8th century BC Israel and 21st century America:

    The First Harbinger: The Breach.

    For Israel in the 8th century BC, God removed His hedge of protection from Israel, with Assyria’s invasion being the result. For America, God removed His hedge of protection, with the terrorist attacks on 9/11 being the result.

    The Second Harbinger: The Terrorist.

    For Israel, the Assyrians were like modern day terrorists. For America, the terrorists of 9/11 were like 8th century BC Assyrian terrorists.

    The Third Harbinger: The Fallen Bricks.

    The clay bricks of Israel’s 8th century BC walls, were like the “bricks” that fell at the World Trade Center on 9/11.

    The Fourth Harbinger: The Tower.

    For Israel, their leaders in the 8th century BC defied God by rebuilding the city without any evidence of repentance. For America, its leaders defied God by planning to rebuild the towers destroyed on 9/11.

    The Fifth Harbinger: The Gazit Stone.

    For Israel in the 8th century, they used quarried and dressed stones to rebuild, rather than clay bricks. For America, quarried Adirondack stone was the cornerstone of the new tower at the 9/11 site.

    The Sixth Harbinger: The Sycamore.

    For Israel, most of its fig-mulberry (sycamore) trees were cut down by the invading Assyrians. For America, a lone American sycamore stood in the yard of St. Paul’s Chapel near the World Trade Center and was knocked down as a result of the collapse of the Towers on 9/11.

    The Seventh Harbinger: The Erez Tree.

    Israel in the 8th century BC intended to replace the destroyed Sycamore with cedar trees, in defiance of God. For America, a Norway spruce was planted at Ground Zero as an act of defiance against God.

    The Eighth Harbinger: The Utterance.

    Words of defiant pride and arrogance were uttered by Israel after Assyria’s invasion. For America, when its leaders repeat Isaiah 9:10, they are vowing to defy God’s judgment on America.

    The Ninth Harbinger: The Prophecy.

    For Israel, Isaiah 9:10 was a prophecy from God as to what would happen to Israel. For America, Isaiah 9:10 is likewise a pronouncement of judgment from God.”

    And this page here talks about some compelling timing associated with the book.

    Like this passage here…

    “Perhaps, Cahn’s most compelling connection is the alignment of both the Biblical Holy Days and the Seventh Year of Release known as the Shemitah to hallmark economic meltdowns following 9/11. The last day of Shemitah (Year of Release 2000 – 2001) September 17, 2001 on the eve of the Day of Trumpets marked the largest single day point drop in the DOW when the markets reopened after 9/11. Seven years later on September 29, again on the last day of Shemitah when debts are to be released, CNN reported that the DOW set a new record when it dropped 777 points wiping out $1.2 trillion in market value in one day. It is highly improbable that the two largest corrections in the market would coincidently occur on the last day deadline of the year of release exactly seven years apart.”

    • Ryan

      Thank you for that summary. I really think Brother Cahn has been blessed of the Lord to see the fulfillment of that prophecy.

      It is interesting to me that exactly four biblical generations (160 years) from Sept-Oct of 1841 (when, Joseph declared that baptisms for the dead could no longer be done in the river and according to Lyman Wight, the saints were officially rejected as a church) brings us to the fall of the towers.

      Perhaps just a coincidence, perhaps not.

  8. Ryan says:


    That was great. Thank you for posting.


  9. Ryan says:

    Another interesting part of his book was that the first inaugural speech given by George Washington in 1789 was in NYC, the then capital of the US.

    Washington then led the people to the same church where the sycamore stood that was fallen in the 9/11 aftermath. He there at that church, the corner of ground zero, dedicated America to God.

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