Disciplinary Council of Denver Snuffer

This is just a temporary post for those who may be interested. It will be removed within a few days.

I am not going to personally comment on this situation at this time.
I am only giving a heads up to those that may find the event of interest.



[ See the next post on this topic “Will Denver Snuffer Become the September 7th?]


9 Responses to Disciplinary Council of Denver Snuffer

  1. Fusion says:


    This is gonna be fun! I have been anticipating this moment…can’t wait to see what happens. Although I’m not yet sold on Denver, this could be a bigger mistake for the church leadership than they may have imagined. Instead of these pastors of modern israel acknowledging that snuffer (and everyone else with half a decent brain) actually have points that are crucial to recognize so that the church as a whole can fall on our collective knees and beg forgiveness of our Lord for 4 generations of shame, they get more pigheaded about ‘loyalty’ to the Church Inc. over honesty.

    Whether Denver is a called servant of the Lord as he testifies he is, or if he is full of it, all the power to you in this, Denver! I hope he gives us details of his upcoming encounter(s) with King Noah and his buddies.

    thanks for the heads-up, Watcher


  2. JLC says:

    I look forward to your comments on this. I know you don’t see things the same as Denver but I think you both have way more in common that not. That’s why I enjoy reading both of you. Your differences give me more to study and ponder.

    I won’t say much about this because I know Snuffer gets upset when we quote him as saying something about what he has said when it comes second hand but a good friend told me he asked Denver what he though about the “Watcher” and his response was very positive.

    I hope to see all you bright thinkers that knows that all is not well in Zion working together some day as the marvelous work begins.

  3. A massive PR disaster for the Church is looming.

  4. Brett says:

    Are you going to Boise?

    • Do you think I should for some reason?

      Are you going?

      • Brett says:

        I wondered how far your curiosity went?

        Yes, I’m curious.

      • Curiosity is a necessary trait of those that watch.

        I am curious too… although, he made a new post yesterday explaining what his major theme will be about.


        Do you think Denver can enlighten you more about ZION than what we currently have in the scriptures?

        Do you think Denver is the one God has ordained to lead the redemption of Zion?

        If so, then perhaps you should be there.

      • Brett says:

        If I have one strength, it’s that I have a strong shelf.

        I think that regardless whether Denver is one ordained to lead the redemption of Zion, I’ve found light his books and talks.

        I’m not really sure what to expect, but I imagine I will learn something. It will be time better spent than watching college football.

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