The Savior in Kirtland (Part Four)

The Savior in Kirtland
By Karl Anderson

Book Review and Critique by OWIW
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Part Four

In part 3 of this series we reviewed the fact that according to Karl Anderson, there is no credible documentation to suggest that anyone saw Christ during the solemn assembly at the Kirtland Temple, despite the fact that one of the primary purposes and expectations of the event was for the pure in heart to see him.

Even though the dedicatory prayer was petitioning God the Father to accept the temple, during the dedicatory prayer, strangely enough, the apostle Peter came and accepted it without being seen by most people in attendance. It is primarily through the testimony of Joseph Smith that we know that Peter accepted the temple.

It may seem a little strange that the saints are petitioning the Father to accept the house, yet Peter comes to accept it during the solemn assembly, and  Christ comes to accept it a week later when Joseph and Oliver received a special endowment in the holy place behind the veil.

I would submit to you that the Father will yet accept it, in the upper court, in the third watch, when the fulness of priesthood power is restored to the earth.

It actually makes perfect sense.

The Father will accept it in the 3rd watch, when the fulness of the priesthood is restored and God’s High Priests returns to the power that they had previously lost (Isa 11 and D&C 113)

In part 3 of this review, we covered the fact that the solemn assembly on March 27th was an epic failure in contrast to what the saints were expecting to happen.

Instead of the high priests receiving the “Promise of the Father” and the “endowment of power” (which appears to begin what  the Book of Mormon refers to as the “work of the Father“), and enables the true apostle/high priests to go forth for the last time to gather the elect and redeem Zion, no endowment of power appears to have materialized during the solemn assembly.

From that standpoint, the solemn assembly was a grand “fizzle” as characterized by David Whitmer, based on the expectations of the saints and the conditional promises God had made regarding the event.

Many of the saints left the solemn assembly feeling somewhat sobered and disappointed by the fact that they were collectively unworthy to see Christ and receive the blessings they had anticipated. Nevertheless, historical revisionism has altered the official history of the church causing most Latter day Saints to believe that the experience at the dedication of the Kirtland Temple exceeded the one experienced by the New Testament Saints as documented in the book of Acts.

The ushering in of the dispensation of the fulness of times did not take place during that preliminary solemn assembly, as anticipated. Instead, the Lord came to his temple in secret, seven days later. At that time, He, and other ministering angels ushered in an ancient, preparatory dispensation, even the dispensation of the Gospel of Abraham. Isaiah characterized the gospel of Abraham as the gospel of “former things“.

This time, seven days later,  it would be Christ that would come and declare the temple was accepted;

Behold, I have accepted this house and my name shall be here..

Notice that the promise was that Christ’s name shall (come time in the future) be upon the temple.

Manifestations of the Spirit Withheld from the Unconsecrated

The reason the saints could not enjoy the full pentecostal out pouring of the spirit that they anticipated during the solemn assembly is explained in simplicity in section 70: your temporal things you shall be equal, and this not grudgingly, otherwise the abundance of the manifestations of the Spirit shall be withheld

Clearly, the saints had failed to live consecration and become temporally equal by the time the temple was finished and the solemn assembly was ready to be conducted. The manifestations of the spirit were therefore withheld.

The Manifestations of the Spirit NOT Fully Withheld from Joseph and Oliver

We know the abundance of the manifestations of the spirit were withheld from the congregation during the solemn assembly on March 27, in part, because they had failed to consecrate.

We know the manifestations of the spirit were withheld also from the priesthood leaders assembled in the outer court on the other side of the veil, on April 3rd.

But why were Joseph and Oliver allowed to enjoy the manifestations of the spirit to the extent that they saw Christ and were visited by ministering angels?

Because they had not transgressed the law of “tithing” (consecration).

In a previous  post we have addressed the fact that when the saints stopped attempting consecration, Joseph and Oliver entered into a Covenant of “tithing” (consecration) for the continuance of “blessings. (See DHC 2:174-175.)

While most of the condemned church was under the law of mercy in the Kirtland Temple, Joseph and Oliver were still under the law of grace and able to enjoy gospel blessings including a visitation of Christ and the ministering of angels.

Although Joseph and Oliver did receive an endowment, it was apparently not the great, final, Melchizedek endowment of power from on high. It appears to have been a preparatory endowment. (That, or, they received the greater endowment and it remained dormant, pending the fulfillment of their intercessory act and the arrival of the appointed time)

It appears as if the visitation had something to do with the beginning of the literal fulfillment of the prophetic enactment contained in the ancient atonement statute and the ushering in of the dispensation of the ancient gospel of Abraham. It is obvious that other things happened and were revealed beside the short summary contained in section 110.

This appearance from the Savior was a direct fulfillment of Christ’s proclamation at Zions Camp, in section 105:33:

It is expedient in me that the first elders  of my church should receive their endowment from on high in my house..

(Joseph had been designated as the 1st Elder of the Church and Oliver had been designated as the 2nd Elder of the Church)

Christ’s Appearance Kept Secret From the Saints

It appears that Christ must have forbidden Joseph and Oliver from speaking about this secret event in public. There is no documentation to indicate the Joseph or Oliver ever did speak of it in public during the rest of their lives.

As one begins to understand what really took place during that event, it becomes apparent why Joseph and Oliver did not want to speak about it.

Since the great endowment of power did not take place among the high priests that had been called and anointed to receive it, and the dispensation of the fulness of times and the marvelous work could not begin at that time, what in the world was the church supposed to do now?


The called and chosen high priests thought they were poised and ready to go into all the world to prune the vineyard for the last time, pending the endowment of power, but they were apparently unworthy of the necessary endowment of power from on high!

Clearly the saints seemed to be at a stand still. The Lord did not command the high priests to go forth in power to gather the elect following the solemn assembly. Rather, the “elders” that had not been been endowed with power were told that they would be going forth.

In the middle of the week between the solemn assembly and the visitation of Christ, Joseph made the following declaration:

I made the following remarks, that the time that we were required to tarry in Kirtland to be endued would be fulfilled in a few days, and then the Elders would go forth and each must stand for himself..

Strangely, directly following the events of that week, Joseph did not direct anyone to go forth preaching the gospel.

The Bank Failure and Defiling of the Temple

Shortly after the eight days of events in the Kirtland Temple, a darkness fell upon the saints in Kirtland.

In January of 1837 the Kirtland Safety Society was organized. By November of that year it had failed and several leaders of the church had become estranged from the church and a huge apostasy of the church ensued.

Joseph’s Mother, Lucy Mack Smith documented an experience that happened following the dedication of the Kirtland Temple which personifies the darkness that descended upon the saints:

Shortly after the completion of the house, Joseph and Martin Harris took a short tour through the eastern country. When they arrived at Palmyra, on their return, Joseph had a vision, which lasted until he besought the Lord to take it from him; for it manifested to him things which were painful to contemplate. It was taken from before his eyes for a short time, but soon returned again, and remained until the whole scene was portrayed before him.

On his arrival at home, the brethren seemed greatly pleased to see him. The next day he preached a sermon, and the following is a part of his remarks:

‘Brethren, I am rejoiced to see you, and I have no doubt but that you are glad to see me. We are now nearly as happy as we can be on earth. We have accomplished more than we had any reason to expect when we began. Our beautiful house is finished, and the Lord has acknowledged it, by pouring out His Spirit upon us here, and revealing to us much of His will in regard to the work which He is about to perform.

Furthermore, we have everything that is necessary for our comfort and convenience, and, judging from appearances, one would not suppose that anything could occur which would break up our friendship for each other, or disturb our tranquility. But, brethren, beware; for I tell you in the name of the Lord, that there is an evil in this very congregation, which, if not repented of, will result in setting many of you (who are here this day) so much at enmity against me, that you will have a desire to take my life, and you even would do it, if God should permit the deed.

But, brethren, I now call upon you to repent, and cease all your hardness of heart, and turn from those principles of death and dishonesty which you are harboring in your bosoms, before it is eternally late, for there is yet room for repentance.’

He continued to labor with them in this way, appealing to them in the most solemn manner until almost everyone in the house was in tears, and he was exhausted with speaking.

In the fall of 1836, a bank was established in Kirtland. Soon after the sermon, above mentioned, Joseph discovered that a large amount of money had been taken away by fraud, from this bank. He immediately demanded a search warrant of Esquire F. G. Williams, which was flatly refused.

‘I insist upon a warrant,’ said Joseph, ‘for if you will give me one, I can get the money, and if you do not, I will break you of your office.’ ‘Well, break it is, then,’ said Williams, ‘and we will strike hands upon it.’ ‘Very well,’ said Joseph, ‘from henceforth I drop you from my quorum, in the name of the Lord.’

Joseph then went to Cleveland, in order to transact some business pertaining to the bank; and as he was absent the ensuing Sunday, my husband preached to the people. In speaking of the bank affair, he reflected somewhat sharply upon Warren Parrish. Although the reflection was just, Parrish was highly incensed, and made an attempt to drag him out of the stand.

My husband appealed to Oliver Cowdery, who was justice of the peace, to have him brought to order; but Oliver never moved from his seat. William seeing the abuse which his father was receiving, sprang forward and caught Parrish, and carried him in his arms nearly out of the house.

At this John Boynton stepped forward, and drawing a sword from his cane, presented it to William’s breast, and said, ‘if you advance one step further, I will run you through.’ Before William had time to turn himself, several gathered around who threatened to handle him severely, if he should lay the weight of his finger upon Parrish again. At this juncture of affairs, I left the house, not only terrified at the scene, but likewise sick at heart, to see that the apostasy of which Joseph had prophesied, was so near at hand.”

History of the Prophet Joseph, by his Mother, Lucy Smith, pp. 211-213.

A similar reminiscence from Eliza R. Snow confirms this event:

During the time my brother was on this, his first mission, a great change had been going on in Kirtland, in the midst of the Saints. A spirit of speculation had crept into the hearts of some of the Twelve, and nearly, if not every quorum was more or less infected. Most of the Saints were poor, and now prosperity was dawning upon them—the Temple was completed, and in it they had been recipients of marvelous blessings, and many who had been humbled and faithful to the performance of every duty—ready to go and come at every call of the Priesthood, were getting haughty in their spirits, and lifted up in the pride of their hearts. As the Saints drank in the love and spirit of the world, the Spirit of the Lord withdrew from their hearts, and they were filled with pride and hatred toward those who maintained their integrity. They linked themselves together in an opposing party pretended that they constituted the Church, and claimed that the Temple belonged to them, and even attempted to hold it.

“Warren Parrish, who had been a humble, successful preacher of the Gospel, was the ringleader of this apostate party. One sabbath morning, he, with several of his party, came into the Temple armed with pistols and bowie-knives, and seated themselves together in the Aaronic pulpits, on the east end of the Temple, while Father Smith and others, as usual, occupied those of the Melchizedek Priesthood on the west.

Soon after the usual opening services, one of the brethren on the west stand arose, and just after he commenced to speak, one on the east interrupted him. Father Smith, presiding, called to order—he told the apostate brother that he should have all the time he wanted, but he must wait his turn—as the brother On the west took the floor and commenced first to speak, he must not be interrupted.

A fearful scene ensued—the apostate speaker becoming so clamorous, that Father Smith called for the police to take that man out of the house, when Parrish, John Boynton, and others, drew their pistols and bowie-knives, and rushed down from the stand into the congregation; J. Boynton saying he would blow out the brains of the first man who dared to lay hands on him.

Many in the congregation, especially women and children, were terribly frightened—some tried to escape from the confusion by jumping out of the windows.

Amid screams and shrieks, the policemen, in ejecting the belligerents, knocked down a stovepipe, which fell helter-skelter among the people; but, although bowie-knives and pistols were wrested from their owners, and thrown hither and thither to prevent disastrous results, no one was hurt, and after a short, but terrible scene to be enacted in a Temple of God, order was restored, and the services of the day proceeded as usual.”

A huge apostasy of the church took place during this time.

A solution was coming.

Something New Must Be Done

On June 4th 1837, over a year after the anticipated global missionary work and gathering should have been begun in power, Joseph finally declared that “..God revealed to me that something new must be done for the salvation of the Church“. (HC 2:487-89, May-June 1837.)

At that time the Prophet Joseph Smith announced to Elder Heber C. Kimball of the Quorum of the Twelve that, “The Spirit of the Lord has whispered to me, ‘let my servant Heber go to England and proclaim my gospel and open the door of salvation to that nation

Others of the twelve were called to help open up foreign missions shortly after that.

Interestingly, instead of the Lord commanding the anointed high priests to go forth in power, baptizing and having the fruits following those that believe, He commands the condemned quorum of the Twelve to PROMULGATE the gospel and bear witness of his name.

Look at the fascinating verbiage used in the following passage:

“And next spring let them depart to go over the great waters, and there promulgate my gospel, the fulness thereof, and bear record of my name.” (section 118)

This is what the 1828 Websters defines the word promulgate:

PROMUL’GATE, v.t. [L. promulgo.] To publish; to make known by open declaration; as, to promulgate the secrets of a council. It is particularly applied to the publication of laws and the gospel. The moral law was promulgated at mount Sinai. The apostles promulgated the gospel. Edicts, laws and orders are promulgated by circular letters, or through the medium of the public prints.

That opened up the publishing and declaring of the gospel to the nations of the earth by those who were NOT called and chosen and endowed.

Compare the above mandate given to the condemned quorum of the twelve, to the  mandate that will be given in the 3rd watch to the apostleshigh priestsfriends of God, in the 3rd watch, who are endowed with power from on high:

Therefore, go ye into all the world; and unto whatsoever place ye cannot go ye shall send, that the testimony may go from you into all the world unto every creature.
63  And as I said unto mine apostles, even so I say unto you, for you are mine apostles, even God’s high priests; ye are they whom my Father hath given me; ye are my friends;
64  Therefore, as I said unto mine apostles I say unto you again, that every soul who believeth on your words, and is baptized by water for the remission of sins, shall receive the Holy Ghost.
65  And these signs shall follow them that believe—
66  In my name they shall do many wonderful works;
67  In my name they shall cast out devils;
68  In my name they shall heal the sick;
69  In my name they shall open the eyes of the blind, and unstop the ears of the deaf;
70  And the tongue of the dumb shall speak;
71  And if any man shall administer poison unto them it shall not hurt them;
72  And the poison of a serpent shall not have power to harm them.
73  But a commandment I give unto them, that they shall not boast themselves of these things, neither speak them before the world; for these things are given unto you for your profit and for salvation.
74  Verily, verily, I say unto you, they who believe not on your words, and are not baptized in water in my name, for the remission of their sins, that they may receive the Holy Ghost, shall be damned, and shall not come into my Father’s kingdom where my Father and I am.

Clearly, there is a distinction between publishing the written word containing the fulness of the gospel vs. preaching and baptizing people into the fulness of the gospel covenant in power.

Those who are baptized by those who are endowed with power from on high and who have been “ordained and sealed unto power” (76:52), will have miracles and signs that will bear witness of the true power of the priesthood.

The commission of the condemned quorum on the other hand, began the fulfillment of the prophecy by Christ in 3rd Nephi.

As predicted, the believing LDS Gentiles would first reject the fulness of the gospel, then they would take the published KNOWLEDGE of the gospel to the House of Israel during the dispensation of the Gospel of Abraham. (see 3 Nephi 6:10-12)

Following that, the called and chosen gentiles will return in the 3rd watch, become endowed, and then go forth in power.

Final Observations of the Book

Having provided what I feel is some very important context for what happened following the dedication of the Kirtland temple, I will now share the remainder of my observations that I had reading Karl’s book.

Contained at the end of this post will be a spreadsheet showing numerous keywords to other prophecies embedded in the dedicatory prayer for the Kirtland Temple.

Also contained at the end of this post will be a link to a document containing a brief chronology of events and declarations pertaining to the rest of the story regarding the restoration of the Melchizedek priesthood and the final results of my search for the mysterious 23 high priests. (these documents will hopefully be embedded in this post within a week of when it is first published)

I am now of the opinion that the full number of high priests that were called, chosen and faithful to begin the redemption of Zion is 24.  The reason that God did not call 24 high priests at the Morley Farm is because Oliver Cowdery was unable to attend the meeting. He was the first one ordained following the meeting, making him the 24th high priest to be ordained.

I believe these brethren represent the number of high priests that will initially return and receive power to begin the great work. Unfortunately, not all of the initial 24 that were called at the Morley Farm, were chosen. Therefore, those that fell from their calling, were replaced. The final quorum of 24 high priests who are called, chosen and faithful, will return and go forth in power to help usher in the fulness of times, burn up the wicked, help to gather the elect and redeem Zion.

Observation 11-

11- Pillar of light where baptisms were taking place

One of the things I appreciated about Karl’s book is the fact that he had some really fun, faith promoting trivia about some of the early spiritual phenomena that took place in Kirtland, particularly during the really early days of the church, before it became condemned for taking the scriptures lightly.

It is fun to be reminded that many people were converted because of miracles and prophecies that were fulfilled. It is also very instructive to realize that many of the saints that came into the church because of the miracles, eventually left the church at a later time. Conversion needs to be based on the firm foundation of the witness of the Holy Ghost, not based on outwards signs and wonders.

One great example of the the spiritual phenomena that was not uncommon during the early days of the restoration has to do with the pillar of light that shown down upon the sacred place where the saints were baptizing new converts:

There were many signs and wonders seen in the heavens.. both by Saints and strangers. A pillar of light was seen every evening for more than a month hovering over the pace where we did our baptizing. One evening.. the moon was not to be seen that night Although it was cloudy, it was as light as noonday, and we could seemingly see .. farther that night than we could in the day time” (pg 148 account given by Philo Dibble)

12- 23 High Priests were ordained to the newly restored Melchizedek Priesthood

It is amazing to me how LDS historians, scholars and General Authorities downplay the importance of and the meaning behind the amazing special conference at the Morley Farm and the calling of the first 23 High Priests.

When I first saw the secret document in Kirtland telling about the Morley Farm and the 23 people called to be High Priests I immediately dug out my copy of “Joseph Smith’s Kirtland” to see what it said about this historical event. I couldn’t believe I had missed this chapter of the book.

To my utter surprise and amazement, there was no chapter in the book pertaining to it. Yet I was reasonably sure that Karl was the one who wrote the secret document about the event that I had obtained in Kirtland years later.

If that is the case, he and his close confidants were very much aware of the significance of the secret conference and were pondering those events in secret while he did not want to give it much notice in his book.

Regardless of whether Karl was the author of the mysterious document or not, he certainly must have been very familiar with the events of the special conference, detail by detail.

I can only assume that Karl had intentionally left that information out of the book because it was controversial, not very faith promoting, and difficult to understand.

It frankly contradicts what the church currently teaches about priesthood.

Anyway… one of the reasons I was excited to purchase Karl’s latest book on Kirtland was to see if he would address the special conference at the Morley Farm in his new book.

Astoundingly, he again, didn’t say much more in his new book than he did in his first book.

And what he did say simply noted the accounts of people seeing the Father and the Son. Very little else was said beside the man of sin appearing. He did not emphasize or give credence to the fact that Joseph characterized the event as the first time that the Melchizedek priesthood was restored to the earth.

This was one of the my greatest disappointments in the book.

To add insult to injury, Karl obscures the true number of people called to be High Priests.

Firstly, he conveniently declines to mention how many men were ordained to the Melchizedek Priesthood in the main body of the book.

In the footnotes, he lists each of them by name (enabling anyone who takes the time to count them to see that there are 23)

Then he make the following declaration in the main body of his book:

“Lyman Wight, Harvey Whitlock, and Joseph Smith saw both the Father and the Son as the first high priest were ordained at the fourth conference of the Church.  During the meeting at least twenty-two high priests and other ordained members witnessed outward manifestations of glory and power emanating from the vision.”

What a strange thing to say!

at least 22 of the first high priests and other ordained members witnessed outward manifestations…

Go figure!

He lists all 23 newly ordained High Priests by name in the footnotes, but says in the main body of the book that at least 22 high priests were present to witness the outward manifestations.

The clear intent is to avoid assigning an exact figure to the number of high priests called and ordained and to obscure the exact number of people called to be High Priests by highlighting a lesser number than 23.

Was one of the newly ordained High Priests outside in the woods taking a leak when the outward manifestations were taking place?

I hardly think so.

The unspoken, but obvious implication here, in my opinion, is that Karl, like other apologists, is downplaying the legitimacy of Martin Harris’ ordination to be a high priest because he had not yet been ordained an elder.

The fact that Martin had only been ordained to the Aaronic priesthood and yet was called and ordained to be a high priest without ever needing to be ordained to the priesthood that had been restored by the apostle Peter, proves Brigham Young and the Modern Church to be in error about the true nature of what really took place at the Morley Farm.

It clearly shows that these men were not just being ordained to an “office” in the existing priesthood that had previously been restored by Peter James and John.

The calling of Martin Harris as a High Priest, proves that Joseph’s declaration that the Melchizedek priesthood was restored for the first time at the special conference at the Morley Farm was true and accurate.

There are clearly three separate and distinct orders of the priesthood instead of two!

It is difficult to understand why the church even tries to obscure these things because Andrew Ehat clearly documents the three distinct levels of priesthood in the “Words of Joseph smith” as does President Joseph Fielding Smith in “Teaching of the Prophet Joseph Smith”.

  • Aaronic restored by John the Baptist
  • Patriarchal restored by Peter James and John
  • Melchizedek Restored by the voice of God from Heaven

Clearly, Joseph Smith clearly taught about the three levels of priesthood authority.

13- Only  High Priests were admitted into the school of the prophets

It appears that there was a distinct difference between the school of the elders and the school of the Prophets in Kirtland.

Furthermore, there was a clear class distinction between those high priests who were being trained to be prophets and those elders who were not. Karl notes the historical assembly in which the school when the high priests were organized according to revelation:

On March 18 1833 a council of High priests assembled in the school of the prophets and were organized according to revelation… at this gathering , Sidney Rigdon and Frederick Williams were ordained to take part with me in holding the keys of the last kingdom…” (ref section 90)  pag 178

It is important to understand that an elder that is ordained to be an apostle, does not complete his calling as an apostle until he has been ordained a High Priest and received of the fulness thereof to preach in power. Elder Brigham Young and some of his brethren of the twelve were not ordain High Priests and were not allowed into the school of the prophets.

14 – One must see the Father and Son to be true Apostles

It becomes apparent from the scriptures and the history of the church that seeing a vision of the Savior did not constitute the same magnitude of a testimony as did seeing both the Father and the Son.

Here is an amazing declaration from Joseph Smith that Karl provides in his book.

Brethren, now you are prepared to be the apostles of Jesus Christ for you have seen both the Father and the Son and know that they exist and that they are two separate personages.”   pg 183

According to Zebedee Coltrin, that is what Joseph Smith said to the members of the school of the prophets after they saw the Father and the Son. (several years before the Kirtland Temple was completed.)

The nature and character of God and the mystical doctrine of the Godhead is something we have already covered in other posts.

Clearly there is only one God who is mystically composed of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. The Father is a personage of spirit and glory. The Son is a personage of physical tabernacle. The spirit of the Father mystically dwells within the Son and the tabernacle of the Son mystically dwells within the Father and they constitute the only true God.

Nevertheless, these three aspects of the only true God can and do manifest themselves separately at times. According to Joseph Smith, this mystery must be revealed to an elder in order to consummate his full apostleship.

I would be happy to explain the mystery of Godliness in greater detail and clarity but I have not seen the Father and the Son, so, no can do.

15 – Karl declares that the Savior appeared in the temple in at least 8 different visions and the Father and Son appeared in four different visions (pg 228) 

After comparing the solemn assembly to the day of Pentecost in the New Testament, Karl emphasizes that there are three different visions where the Savior appears in the Kirtland Temple. He also points out that the Father and the Son appear in four different visions in the Kirtland Temple.

He is building the case that the kirtland Temple and more specifically the eight days beginning with the solemn assembly and ending with the appearance of the Savior seven days later represented the spiritual high point of the restoration.

In the words of Karl Anderson:

April 3 1836 might be considered a pinnacle of the Restoration” pg 306)

Upon close scrutiny however, it should be noted that with the sole exception of the appearance of Christ to Joseph and Oliver on April 3rd:


(all of those visions were of a higher spiritual manifestation that the appearance of Christ and angels)


This is very important to understand because the sanitized history of the church leads people to believe that the solemn assembly at the Kirtland Temple and the appearance of Christ seven days later was the apex or high point of the spiritual phenomena that took place in Kirtland.

The truth is that the apex of spiritual phenomena had come and gone in Kirtland before the Temple was completed and before the dedication of the temple.

The revised history of the Church leads one to believe that the events taking place during the solemn assembly and the following seven days were Melchizedek in nature when in fact they were patriarchal in nature at best. ( they had to do with the “everlasting gospel” not the “fulness of the gospel”)

Again, it is important to remember that a vision of Christ is probably not the same level of revelation as the literal appearance of the Father and the Son.

In other wards, unlike the literal appearance of the Father and Son to Joseph and Sidney in section 76, where Joseph and Sidney were transfigured and saw both the Father and the Son, and spoke with the Son, which was undoubtedly a Melchizedek priesthood event, the event in the Kirtland Temple where Joseph and Oliver were visited by Christ and angels, and given an ancient dispensation, was not a Melchizedek priesthood event. rather, it appears to have been a patriarchal/evangelical priesthood event or even an Aaronic event. (it is interesting to not that according to section 13, the keys of the Aaronic Priesthood contain the ability to be ministered by angels. The is what happened in section 110)

16- The 15 High Priests that were Called and Chosen

Ok, I have mentioned in other posts how grateful I am to Karl for giving me the Ah ha! moment when he brought to my attention what happened concerning the restoration of the Melchizedek priesthood at the special conference at the Morley Farm and the calling of the 23 high priests.

Karl gave me another Ah ha! moment in his new book.

In the book, Karl directs our attention to the following passages and declarations from the Lord at Zions Camp as documented in section 105:

26  Now, behold, I say unto you, my friends, in this way you may find favor in the eyes of the people, until the army of Israel becomes very great.
27  And I will soften the hearts of the people, as I did the heart of Pharaoh, from time to time, until my servant Joseph Smith, Jun., and mine elders, whom I have appointed, shall have time to gather up the strength of my house,
30  And after these lands are purchased, I will hold the armies of Israel guiltless in taking possession of their own lands, which they have previously purchased with their moneys, and of throwing down the towers of mine enemies that may be upon them, and scattering their watchmen, and avenging me of mine enemies unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me.
31  But first let my army become very great, and let it be sanctified before me, that it may become fair as the sun, and clear as the moon, and that her banners may be terrible unto all nations;
32  That the kingdoms of this world may be constrained to acknowledge that the kingdom of Zion is in very deed the kingdom of our God and his Christ; therefore, let us become subject unto her laws.
33  Verily I say unto you, it is expedient in me that the first elders of my church should receive their endowment from on high in my house, which I have commanded to be built unto my name in the land of Kirtland.
34  And let those commandments which I have given concerning Zion and her law be executed and fulfilled, after her redemption.
35  There has been a day of calling, but the time has come for a day of choosing; and let those be chosen that are worthy.
36  And it shall be manifest unto my servant, by the voice of the Spirit, those that are chosen; and they shall be sanctified;
37  And inasmuch as they follow the counsel which they receive, they shall have power after many days to accomplish all things pertaining to Zion.
38  And again I say unto you, sue for peace, not only to the people that have smitten you, but also to all people;
39  And lift up an ensign of peace, and make a proclamation of peace unto the ends of the earth;
40  And make proposals for peace unto those who have smitten you, according to the voice of the Spirit which is in you, and all things shall work together for your good.
41  Therefore, be faithful; and behold, and lo, I am with you even unto the end.  Even so.  Amen.

To more fully appreciate what is being said above, you need to re-read the parable of the redemption of Zion in section 101.

As you can see, in the passages above, God is referring to the parable of the redemption of Zion contained in section 101 of the Doctrine and Covenants.

In those passages he explains that Joseph and Oliver, the first elders need to receive an endowment in the house of the Lord in Kirtland which was yet to be built.

He then points out that there has been a day of CALLING (beginning with the restoration of the priesthood at the Morley Farm)

But now it is time for the faithful among those who have been CALLED to be CHOSEN! (see also section 95:5)

He then promised that the faithful will be CHOSEN by God according to the VOICE OF THE SPIRIT through Joseph Smith and they will be SANCTIFIED.

Karl then reveals that, THAT EVENT ACTUALLY TOOK PLACE THE FOLLOWING DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ah ha!
Ah ha!
Ah ha!

I had not known this because Joseph Smith was very sneaky and did not canonize that revelation.

It eventually became very obscure.

This canonized revelation that was given the following day, on June 23rd 1834, contains the key to searching out the rest of the story regarding the restoration of the priesthood at the Morley Farm. It explains in greater detail exactly who replaced the unfaithful brethren that were called to the Melchizedek Priesthood at the Morley Farm!

It contains detailed information about who the key individuals were that will play a part in returning in power to gather the elect, destroy the wicked and redeem Zion!!!!!

In the document that I am going to eventually embed in this post, I will provide commentary about that revelation.

(Karl mentions this obscure revelation on pg 253)

It is interesting to note that 9 of the 15 men “chosen” by God, by revelation at Zion’s Camp, had previously been ordained to the Melchizedek priesthood at the Morley Farm while six of them had since been ordained to be High Priests…

The revelation can be found online at

Part of it can be found at this link as well.

This concludes this book review of Karl Anderson’s new book titled: “The Savior in Kirtland

I love and appreciate Karl and I am very grateful for his efforts to present so much important information about the LDS restoration during the Kirtland years. He has clearly been inspired to do the work he has done.

On a related note, I would point out that the dedicatory prayer as documented in section 109 of the D&C probably contains more references to ancient and modern prophecies pertaining to the past and future prophetic events in Kirtland than any other revelation in the Doctrine and Covenants.

It appears to me to be a microcosm of all of the end times prophecies in ancient and modern scripture, spidering out to them in a fractal like way with the use of keywords that direct the reader to the related passages.

For those who are interested, I hope to provide the following documents that are related to the topic of this series within a few days.

The first is a copy of the dedicatory prayer with many of the major prophecy related keywords highlighted in yellow. Each of the keywords leads to one or more corresponding prophecies in other ancient and modern revelations that utilize the same keywords. It will be embedded kirtland ancient prophecies.

The second document is a a related spreadsheet containing each of the highlighted keywords with related snippets and live links to other related prophecies. It will be embedded here:  kirtland ancient prophecies unfinished.

Lastly, for those who enjoyed the ten part series about the Restoration of the Melchizedek priesthood titled Searching for the Holy Order and the 23 High Priests, I am providing the results of the additional research that I have been led to as a result of Karl Anderson,s book, “The Savior in Kirtland”. It will be embedded HERE when it is completed.

I am embedding these documents instead of making posts out of them partly because they are so closely associated with this topic and partly because I don’t want them easily searched and found on the internet.

Enjoy and keep watching

7 Responses to The Savior in Kirtland (Part Four)

  1. Fabledsog says:


    While I have yet to provide a second witness of the Lord concerning Joseph; I would like to share some discoveries of mine regarding priesthood, and how the Lord uses the priesthood in a stratagem of returning the servants, which also shows me that at the very least that the seer returns in his youth. Before I even disclose the other witness which I may not even release it publicly, for various reasons.

    I think we can agree that the scriptures, when viewed under the influence of the Spirit, that they can bring forth treasures more worthwhile than gold and silver.

    Speaking of gold and silver, just yesterday I had ah ha moment that may prove to be an explanation or in other words a genealogy of the mysterious Melchizedek. You may have already discovered it. This might be remarkable considering that we seem to have more info on Enoch which isn’t much for now, than Melchizedek, the name that the high priesthood is still being called by.

    Now this has to do with gold and silver in a way that the gold and silver doesn’t matter as much. I’m sure you may be familiar with the unfulfilled revelation of D&C 111. When I was thinking about Melchizedek yesterday, I had this sudden idea that the reason Melchizedek seems to pop out of nowhere from Salem. Is because Melchizedek’s Salem wasn’t even on the eastern hemisphere, it was in the choice land. D&C 111 might be a revelation and prophecy that Salem, Mass. is the same Salem that Melchizedek reigned king over and was ordained a high priest of the Most High. The reason this goes under the radar because his own name and land have different names.

    With a name like Melchizedek and its meaning, it makes sense that the name was given like the other patriarchs, not by parents, but by the everlasting covenant of God. Now the question, who in the already published scripture is Melchizedek? D&C 111:9-10 gives us a clue that the true founders of Salem, Mass; are ancient inhabitants. The phrase ancient inhabitants can be found once more in the scriptures, disregarding JS-H; the phrase can be found in Ether 1:1. Does this mean that Melchizedek could have been a Jaredite? Surely the obscured history of Melchizedek can be a real treasure, in preparation for the high priests anointed after the order of Melchizedek.

    For quite some time I have wondered, how Alma came to know the things he spoke about Melchizedek. The sudden idea that came upon me, answers that question I have had, by the plausible fact that Melchizedek was made mention of in the twenty four plates of gold from Ether. The book of Ether, as we know is very limited, for reasons that are common knowledge. But Alma gave us a clue regarding Melchizedek’s obscured identity. Alma says that Melchizedek was in the middle of a lineage of kings, paraphrasing here: many before and many after, but none were greater.

    Now Melchizedek would not likely be the brother of Jared, since both he and Jared were not kings, it doesn’t say it anyway. Ether 7 is the chapter where the lineage of the Jaredite kings began. Oh something interesting in verse six, says that the land where Jaredites landed after being on the barges, is near the land called Desolation by the Nephites. Say that word matches a description that a certain bishop will warn of, that is prophesied in D&C 84:114; desolation and utter abolishment. This tells us that the land of Moron (Salem) was exactly where it was said to be.

    Now who is Melchizedek exactly in the book Ether? While I don’t know who exactly, and I do not want to mislead anyone regarding the possible identity of Melchizedek, but to me it seems that it is down to Shule, Omer, or Emer, as likely candidates. By rest of the clues by Alma, it seems to me that Shule is my number one estimation in being Melchizedek.

    Nonetheless, the enlightening of the possible genealogy of Melchizedek, found very in the book of Ether, is truly a sign that the scales are beginning to the fall. A sign that there really were Jaredites, and gives a reason why Shem was given the right of the firstborn, from who sprang Abraham. And Abraham became a high priest by Melchizedek, who was separated from the other children of Noah, by the great faith of the brother of Jared. The gold and silver for the future benefit of Zion was once in the possession of the kingdoms of the Jaredites. And the Lord’s wisdom of more than one treasure in the city of Salem is undeniable.

    It seems the discovery of the possible lineage of Melchizedek, has jumped ahead as it is very exciting news. I’ll have to point out some possible insightful things I noticed about the priesthoods, and how it connects to the return of the servants at a later time. In the meantime I’ll be reconfiguring the second witness of Joseph, since you are already aware of the back-story of the second witness, Watcher. It will provide a cause and meaning of, in the telling of my uncanny circumstances which will be shown how fragile the hearts of men really are, even those who seem to overcome insurmountable odds. My worst fears seem to have come true to a point, I did not really fear in finding out that I was not, but I did fear in finding out that I am. I can handle being ill-informed, but its intimidating just thinking of the things that are leading up.

  2. Fabledsog says:

    From the preliminary events of Joseph and Oliver, and my observations concerning the priesthoods; I will attempt to portray how the preparatory gospel is not a cursing, but an obscured blessing. While it may be true that it was a curse for the fulness of the gospel to be taken from the gentiles, but that notion, is just another pointer to the validity of Jesus being the Christ.

    69 Upon you my fellow servants, in the name of Messiah, I confer the Priesthood of Aaron, which holds the keys of the ministering of angels, and of the gospel of repentance, and of baptism by immersion for the remission of sins; and this shall never be taken again from the earth until the sons of Levi do offer again an offering unto the Lord in righteousness.
    (Pearl of Great Price | JS-History 1:69)

    I define confer as such: The delegation of certain responsibility or duty.
    And John the Baptist being the presiding priest of Aaron in his day, needed to appoint a successor according to the will and wisdom of the Lord. It may seem apparent one was never openly and publicly designated during the foundational movement. It is interesting that both Joseph and Oliver acted temporally in the station so they could be both baptized.

    As I have dug deeper in the scriptures in recent years, I have realized that keys are predominately given to a select few. And even though the priesthood of Aaron has the capacity to hold the designated keys; it doesn’t automatically assume the keys upon ordination. While keys of the ministering of angels is a familiar phrase, keys of the gospel of repentance, and keys of baptism by immersion for the remission of sins are not.
    If they are, then my memory must be fading, or I was just ignorant of such things

    Now that I am aware that the AP has the capacity to hold three sets of keys, it has caused me to question the authority of current baptisms. Could the lds church actually be devoid of all spiritual authority?

    It is not in my interest to devalue experiences other people have had, but it is a concern of mine to understand how the preparatory gospel is administered. The preparatory gospel to me is a preparation from Christ. In fact now I am having a hard time differentiating between the preparatory gospel, and the everlasting gospel. Christ’s sacrifice being everlasting and preparatory for the kingdoms of God. And since I have come to an understanding that the Lord can administer a remission of sins, without the laying on hands; baptism by immersion for the remission of sins has caused me to reconsider what the preparatory gospel actually is, to me it is preparatory to receive Christ.

    5 And verily, verily, I say unto you, he that receiveth my gospel receiveth me; and he that receiveth not my gospel receiveth not me.
    6 And this is my gospel—repentance and baptism by water, and then cometh the baptism of fire and the Holy Ghost, even the Comforter, which showeth all things, and teacheth the peaceable things of the kingdom.
    (Doctrine and Covenants | Section 39:5 – 6)

    So it becomes clear why the people flocked to John the Baptist in his day, he was the only one with the authority or keys of the Priesthood to baptize unto Christ. It is interesting that John the Baptist while conferring the priesthood said: “and this priesthood shall never taken again from the earth.” It seems to me that the priesthood of Aaron stopped with John the Baptist and was taken from the earth, for fairly obvious reasons.

    While there was certainly some literal sons of Aaron among the early saints, John the Baptist came to restore the priesthood of Aaron. But the question is why; the second priesthood which shortly came after is just as capable baptizing unto Christ, and can even administer the ordinance of, laying on of hands. And it seems the ordination to the presiding priest or its evolved office termed presiding bishop, was put on the back burner, or it may have not been?

    I believe John the Baptist gave the answer to why the priesthood of Aaron was restored to the earth, when he said: “until the sons of Levi do offer again an offering unto the Lord in righteousness.” It is interesting that this connects to Malachi 3:3, and that the sons of Levi offer again an offering unto the Lord in righteousness. And to me it seems that they have to do an offer again in righteousness, but discreetly made known in Malachi 3:1, and that not one but two messengers, have to do some things before the second offering occurs. I will disclose how I came to the belief that there are two messengers later. So who are the sons of Levi; could they be the first laborers of the last kingdom? I believe the Lord answers that question with this.

    31 Therefore, as I said concerning the sons of Moses—for the sons of Moses and also the sons of Aaron shall offer an acceptable offering and sacrifice in the house of the Lord, which house shall be built unto the Lord in this generation, upon the consecrated spot as I have appointed—
    32 And the sons of Moses and of Aaron shall be filled with the glory of the Lord, upon Mount Zion in the Lord’s house, whose sons are ye; and also many whom I have called and sent forth to build up my church.
    (Doctrine and Covenants | Section 84:31 – 32)

    Speaking of the first laborers of the last kingdom, I have realized that the phrase might be mystical. By that I mean, is that the first laborers might be literally the first laborers. Surely the last kingdom was being labored for in the ancient days. With that idea, the code names of those that are of the united order are to me not just code names but ancient identities that served as code names in the process. So with the united order and the code name of Joseph who could very well be Enoch, I thought of a shocking realization that the united order could be a combined order of Enoch and Melchizedek. With Joseph being Enoch, it wouldn’t be too hard to perceive who Melchizedek might be. It is my belief that a lot of the ordained high priests of the early church already held the high priesthood by being ancient inhabitants; some of ancient Nauvoo, some of Salem (Jaredites) and some of Jerusalem of old. With the mystical understanding that the returning servants are intimately experienced in being instruments in the Lord’s hand. To me it has unlocked this passage.

    8 Therefore, thus saith the Lord unto you, with whom the priesthood hath continued through the lineage of your fathers—
    9 For ye are lawful heirs, according to the flesh, and have been hid from the world with Christ in God—
    10 Therefore your life and the priesthood have remained, and must needs remain through you and your lineage until the restoration of all things spoken by the mouths of all the holy prophets since the world began.
    11 Therefore, blessed are ye if ye continue in my goodness, a light unto the Gentiles, and through this priesthood, a savior unto my people Israel. The Lord hath said it. Amen.
    (Doctrine and Covenants | Section 86:8 – 11)

    While the fathers being mentioned here could very well be their fathers whom they knew, or the priesthood fathers made known in the word of the Lord. But the Lord has been shown in Jacob 5; that the Lord is inclined to graft for the salvation of his creations. Which might explain why they were called in the first place, being lawful heirs as the Lord says. And that their life and priesthood has remained for the foundation movement, and must needs remain for the marvelous work and wonder, which is why the Lord says they will be blessed if they continue in the Lord’s goodness, to be a light unto the Gentiles, and a savior unto the children of Israel. This passage tells me that the patriarchal priesthood is the Melchizedek priesthood and that it upgrades into the Holy Priesthood of the Son when the fulness of the Holy Ghost is endowed on those called and chosen. And when “the authority of the Melchizedek priesthood was manifested and conferred on several of the elders the first time,” Joseph might have said that statement in a cryptic manner.

    To conclude, there is what I believe a hidden priesthood, which is actually hidden in plain sight. A hint to it is found JS-H 1:70; while it may not mean much at first, but it is actually quite revealing on several concepts.

    70 He said this Aaronic Priesthood had not the power of laying on hands for the gift of the Holy Ghost, but that this should be conferred on us hereafter; and he commanded us to go and be baptized, and gave us directions that I should baptize Oliver Cowdery, and that afterwards he should baptize me.
    (Pearl of Great Price | JS-History 1:70)

    It seems to me that John the Baptist or Joseph wanted to bring attention to another facet about the Aaronic Priesthood, by the word “this” instead of the. Which to my mind must mean that there is something more important to be had, then the account and witnesses of Peter, James, and John; that the power and authority of the laying on of hands was instantly received after their baptisms. It is my belief that the gift of the Holy Ghost is the sacred seed of Jesus Christ, and those truly the sons and daughters of Christ, have a holy priesthood and royal priesthood as 1 Peter 2, calls it. A priesthood not of lineage, but by the Spirit. When exercised with faith can bring forth the works of Christ

    It is my understanding that the offices of elder, bishop, teacher and deacon attribute more to the spiritual priesthood than the Aaronic or Melchizedek priesthoods, which is why they are called necessary appendages. Without the Spirit the two lineage priesthoods are dead, and more of a curse instead of a blessing. But the Lord knows why the Aaronic priesthood needed to be restored, and why the sons of Levi need to offer again an offering in righteousness. And why John the Baptist was sent to appoint a successor, to prepare the way for the Lord and the sons of Levi. So it seems to me that one was appointed for reasons concealed.

    91 And again, verily I say unto you, let my servant William be appointed, ordained, and anointed, as counselor unto my servant Joseph, in the room of my servant Hyrum, that my servant Hyrum may take the office of Priesthood and Patriarch, which was appointed unto him by his father, by blessing and also by right;
    (Doctrine and Covenants | Section 124:91)

    It seems to me that Hyrum was also appointed to be the presiding priest, by the keywords office of priesthood which surprisingly takes us to Hebrews 7:5. So it appears to me that the Lord intends to use Hyrum as the gateway for the return of the seer and spokesman, and eventually the other sons of Levi. It might make more sense when I unravel a few hidden breadcrumbs from the Lord Himself. And so it seems the Lord never intended a successor for Hyrum, until the sons of Levi are brought forth through whatever means necessary according to the will of the Lord.

    As always my observations have the possibility of being wrong, and subject to error.

  3. DJ says:

    Still anxiously awaiting the embedded material.

    I wanted to comment on something here as well. It’s not ideally placed, but it’s going here nonetheless. In D&C 84 we read of 6 unnamed elders, which you discussed in a previous posting from LDS Anarchy (7 shepherds and an Angel).

    I wondered why the 6 elders weren’t named either. I even scanned DHC, looking for clues as to who these 6 elders may have been.

    If I remember your article correctly, you draw parallels between D&C 84 and D&C 88. In D&C 88:1-4, those present for the revelation are promised eternal life, yet they aren’t named.

    Interestingly, I came across commentary from Lyndon Cook’s “The Revelations of the Prophet Joseph Smith: A Historical and Biographical Commentary of the Doctrine and Covenants,” where on p. 181 he mentions 10 elders were in attendance for this revelation. They being, Joseph Smith Sr., Joseph Smith Jr., Hyrum Smith, Samuel Smith, Sidney RIgdon, Frederick G. Williams, John Murdock, Ezra Thayer, Orson Hyde, and Newel K. Whitney.

    I’m not sure if 6 from this group were the 6 elders in attendance for D&C 84, but it wouldn’t surprise me. If correct, it’s interesting that Oliver Cowdery wasn’t present, just as he wasn’t present at the Morley Farm, at least to my recollection.

    Just wanted to share because those 6 have been on my mind for a long time.

  4. Ryan says:

    Was the last one ever embedded? It doesn’t seem to be.

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