The Google Apostasy- Part 4 (final)

Hopefully this is the final part of this series on the Google Apostasy.

I trust that I will not be shilled by any well meaning folks any more. If I am, it may result in a part 5 of this series and further embarrassment to those who have do it.

Ironically, this series comes to an end during the 181st anniversary of the single most important Pentecostal event that took place during the 14 year public ministry of the prophet Joseph Smith.

On that mystical occasion the heavens were opened, communications took place between heaven and earth and priesthood was transacted.

No, I am not referring to the first vision.

I am not referring to the restoration of priesthood by John the Baptist.

I am not referring to the restoration of priesthood by Peter James and John.

I am not speaking about the vision that Joseph and Sidney had that is documented in section 76 nor am I referring to the secret visitation of Christ and three angels to Joseph and Oliver in the Kirtland Temple in 1836 as documented in section 110.

I am referring to the special conference that was held at the Morley Farm in June of 1831.

If you are not very familiar with the details of that event, it is probably because the modern corporate church doesn’t really want you to be and therefore they have kept the true details and ramifications of this monumental event out of the correlated lesson manuals and conference talks.

In my humble opinion, the event that resulted in the restoration of the true Melchizedek priesthood and the opening of the heavens that took place at the special conference at the Morley Farm is arguably more significant than all of the other Pentecostal events that I previously listed.

According to the grossly inadequate and misleading summary of the event given in the heading of section 52, the event took place on June 3, 4, 5 and 6th. It resulted in the revealing of the man of sin and the calling of missionaries to go to Missouri while preaching along the way, as documented in section 52.

During that conference, Lyman Wight and another individual became transfigured in the same fashion that Moses was transfigured before God, as they pierced the veil of unbelief and beheld God the Father.

This took place in front of about 50 other elders and members of the church.

On that occasion 22 Elders holding the patriarchal priesthood and one Aaronic priesthood holder were called and ordained to the Melchizedek priesthood according to the voice of God out of heaven. (This fulness of the priesthood was soon rejected by the gentile church and lost from the earth see D&C 124:28)

Because of that sacred event, the first several days of June have a special place in my heart.

In addition to that event, June 1st is another important date to me.

It was on that date 34 years ago that Mrs Watcher and I were being sealed to each other in the Salt Lake Temple at the exact same time that the First Presidency and the quorum of the Twelve were meeting in the upper chambers of the temple, deciding to remove the priesthood ban on the Blacks.

Of course, some well meaning folks spin that decision to be a revelation from God however, there was no revelation from God pertaining to the lifting of the ban on the priesthood because none was needed. God had never given a revelation banning people of color from the priesthood in the first place.

This brings us to one more important event that took place during the month of June.

It was during the month of June in 1829 that the priesthood was extended to all worthy men of all color and nationalities.

As clearly documented in section 14, every man (of any color or nationality) who desired to participate in missionary work was called to the priesthood. The only limitations God put on priesthood ordination had to do with desire to be a missionary.

Those who were willing to thrust in their sickle and reap in the field that was white and ready to harvest, were categorically called of God and invited to receive the priesthood. (see 14:3-4) Common sense tells you that if God wanted to limit any race of people from being called to the ministry, it surely would have been when the priesthood office of elder was first being introduced and extended to all of those having a desire to participate in the harvest.

This is why black people were ordained to the priesthood during the ministry of Joseph Smith. God never gave Joseph a revelation banning the priesthood from the black converts. There were several black priesthood holders who were ordained during Joseph’s administration that went with the saints to Utah.

One of the Black elders of the Church that was given the priesthood during Joseph Smith’s public ministry was Elijah Abel who received a patriarchal blessing from Joseph Smith Sr.

In the blessing he Patriarch Smith promised him: “Thou shalt be made equal to thy brethren and thy soul shall be white in eternity and thy robes glittering: thou shalt receive these blessing because of the covenants of thy fathers“.

The “covenants” of his “fathers” was a clear reference in my opinion to the fact that people like Elijah Abel were children of Abraham and had the believing blood of Israel flowing in their veins just like the other members of the church who had mingled their blood among the gentile nations of the earth. (or possibly he was a descendent of Jethro and the Rechabites who appear to be a more obedient people to the commandments of God)

In 1836, Elijah Abel was ordained a seventy and participated in the ordinances in the Kirtland Temple.

It was common knowledge in the restored church that the priesthood was available to all men based on their faith and desire, in fact, one of the reasons that the Saints were persecuted and kicked out of Jackson County Missouri is because William W. Phelps editorialized in the Evening and the Morning Star” that there was “no special rule in the Church, as to people of color“.

He also said that “In connection with the wonderful events of this age, much is doing towards abolishing slavery, and colonizing the blacks, in Africa.

These and other statements made by Phelps were interpreted by Missourians to imply that the church was encouraging free blacks to join the church and migrate to Missouri. This was a real threat to their way of life and the enjoyment of slavery. (

It is only according to the apostate gospel of Brigham Young that blacks were eventually banned from holding the priesthood.

The True Biblical Profile of Joseph Smith

In earlier parts of this series I mentioned that I was going to provide a summary of the ministry of Joseph Smith and the true history of the LDS restoration movement.

I said that it would provide the true biblical profile of who Joseph Smith really is. I said that every answer to every difficult question pertaining to the very controversial and bizarre doctrinal and historical issues brought up by skeptics and ex-Mormons would be addressed in that document.

I am now providing a link to where that document is published. It will be provided in a series of three or four parts. Part One is now posted even though it is not completely finished.

As I continue finishing it and the other parts of that series, links to them will be provided as well, located at the following site.

(click on the link below to see where the various parts of the series will be posted)

The True Biblical Profile of Joseph Smith
and the Un-sanitized History of the LDS Restoration Movement
Part One


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6 Responses to The Google Apostasy- Part 4 (final)

  1. The Glider says:

    Thank you for sharing your study guide with us! I can’t even begin to tell you how helpful it is. I find that I am so scattered that I never get to conclusions, but your writing keeps me on track.

  2. Forest says:

    To Watcher,

    Thank you for your diligence in studying the Gospel in depth and writing with both clarity and accurate documentation from the scriptures. Thank you for not throwing away the plain and precious parts of the Gospel, even when the flaws, errors and outright deceptions of others create a strong temptation to rationalize ourselves away from Truth.

    I discovered (was led) to your commentaries and others of a similar understanding only very recently. I was born and raised in the Church and Culture of Latter Day Saints. In May of this year I found and began studying the essays and articles found here (online) and as I cross check these with the scriptures and pray, it is easy to recognize Truth from Error. I have been having a profound awakening as I recognize the pride taught in our culture and more importantly, the Pride in my own heart. I hope to shed this pride as soon as possible.

    Thanks Again.

    • All praise be to God.

      It appears that you have been learning an awful lot in a very short period of time.

      I thank God for people like you who are being led by the spirit to seek beyond what you have been taught by established channels.

      It is humbling to hear stories like yours.

      Hearing remarks like yours cause me great pause because my learning curve is about 25 years long and counting and I have probably gone kicking and screaming and fighting my own deep routed pride most of the way… I don’t know if I could or would have ever been teachable enough to believe so much, so contrary to what I have been taught, so quickly, had I been through the type of compressed learning experience that you and many others are going through as we approach the end of the final hour.

      Clearly the spirit is preparing all of us in various ways and all we can do is stand all amazed and praise God and his mysterious and miraculous ways.

      Thank you so much for the feedback and for reminding me that I have other kindred spirits out there in this loan and dreary world.

  3. Thirsting for knowledge says:

    One thing that strikes me as odd is that in this day and age the posters that were from the Church trying to pretend they were not didn’t hide or change their I.P. address. It is a common practice among young adults these days, especially those who download music and movies illegally. They make their I.P. address anonymous so as not to get caught. There is an internet term called spoofing. You can use a website to spoof a phone number for instance. By doing this I could call your house and make any number I wanted to show up on the caller I.D. Its a loop hole that the phone companies really don’t like talking about because at this moment they cannot stop it. The same thing can be done with I.P. address’s and even GPS locations that devices give off.

    • Those are good points, however, I was able to trace the evidence back to a person that works for the church. I know who he is. I also give him and the other two the opportunity to correct me and come clean. Lastly, the Church has had the opportunity to challenge the evidence and show me where I am mistaken. If I was not sure of my position I would never have posted the info.

      I still stand ready to post a retraction if the church or the employees can provide a credible explanation showing that there was no shilling going on.

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