Are You Sure You Are a Gentile?

In my early days of the church I used to believe the Brigham Young definition of the term gentile.

He referred to non-members of the church as gentiles and members of the church as Israel.

Years later after studying the Book of Mormon much deeper I realized that the Book of Mormon refers to the non-indian, Caucasians who rejected the Book of Mormon at the time when it came forth, as the unbelieving of the Gentiles while referring to those who accepted it, at the time it came forth, as the believing gentiles.

Because of this I have assumed that the book of Mormon use of the term gentile always includes all Caucasian people living in America during the time of Joseph Smith to the present.

I have now come to believe that is not the case.

In fact, I now believe that most Latter day Saints living in 2010 are NOT gentiles according to Book of Mormon theology.

In 1836 the Savior, Moses, Elias and Elijah came to the Kirtland Temple in secret.

During this time the dispensation of the Gospel of Abraham was restored to the earth along with the keys of the gathering of Israel.

This event initiated the establishment of foreign missions and a worldwide missionary movement.

It also represented the beginning of the grafting in of the natural branches of Israel into the restored church which was composed of  what the Book of Mormon refers to as “believing gentiles”.

This event which is currently documented in section 110 of the D&C, was intentionally kept secret from the Kirtland latter day Saints who had sacrificed so much to build the temple.

Only Joseph Smith, Oliver Cowdery and Oliver’s brother who recorded the event in a journal appear to have known about it during the public ministry of Joseph Smith.

It does not appear that the event was ever mentioned publicly during the life of Joseph Smith.

Many years after the appearance of the Savior, Elijah and Elias, Joseph Smith even gave a discourse entitled Elias, Elijah and Messiah. Yet in this Nauvoo sermon he made no mention of the appearance of Elias, Elijah and Messiah that had taken place previously in the Kirtland Temple.

Although the Lord apparently did not want the Latter day Saints living at that time to know about the event when it took place, it also appears that the Lord did want the Latter Day Saints to know about it at a later time, which is why he commanded Joseph and Oliver to have it documented in one of the historical records of the church..

It appears he also eventually wanted some of us to understand the deep hidden significance of that event.

I have felt for a long time that there must be a very significant secret meaning behind what took place in section 110 and I have wondered why the Lord wanted it kept secret initially.

I have also been curious to know why He did want it known by future generations.

It has only been within the last year or two that I have begun to more fully understand the deeper meaning of that event.

Although this article is going to be lengthy and will cover several topics, one of the primary things I am going to suggest is that the restoration of the “dispensation of the gospel of Abraham” and the keys of the gathering of Israel, and the taking of the gospel to the nations of the world that began in 1836-1838, represented the literal fulfillment of the following prophecy that Christ gave in 3rd Nephi.

I will remember my covenant which I have made unto my people, O house of Israel, and I will bring my gospel to them” (3 Nephi 16:10)

If my supposition is correct, it proves that the rejection of the gospel by the gentiles did in fact take place in Kirtland before the foreign missions were established and it proves that the foreign converts that began migrating to Nauvoo and eventually to Utah, along with the majority of latter day saints today are referred to in the Book of Mormon as the House of Israel, NOT gentiles.

Because this article is lengthy, I am going to make a short series out of it.

If you find the topic and first part of this series intriguing, you might enjoy the remaining portions of this series.

Reconnecting with Forgotten Personalities of the Past

Over a year ago I posted the following picture in a post and asked my readers to take a good look at the passionate fellow with the crazed look in his eyes.

I then informed them that they were looking at one of the most amazing figures of the LDS foundation movement.

That is the look a person has that has been enraptured in the celestial burnings of the baptism of fire. Few people in religious history have claimed to see the Father and the Son, but he is one of them.

Hopefully you read the article and familiarized yourself with him. He is one of the first laborers of the last kingdom and he is coming back to play a key role in the Marvelous Work and a Wonder.

I believe he will be a major player in the last generation of mortal probation.

I now want to show you a picture of another historical personality that has largely been forgotten by Latter day Saints.

This guy also played a huge role in the LDS restoration movement-

Do you recognize him?

He is another guy besides Lyman Wight that led a large group of saints from Nauvoo to establish a stake of Zion.

It is curious that Joseph commissioned two separate people to lead a group of saints away from Nauvoo to establish stakes of Zion just before his martyrdom.

If you are a card carrying main stream member of the LDS church there is a good chance you don’t have a clue who he is..

..which is odd, since he was the prophet seer and revelator of the largest group of the latter day saints for many years following the martyrdom.

It is amazing how many significant people have been trivialized or completely written out of the sanitized version of the history of the church!

Would you be surprised if I told you that more latter day saints followed him after the martyrdom of Joseph Smith than Brigham Young?

More significantly, what if I told you that more of the seasoned, early ” believing gentile” members of the restored church from the Kirtland days followed him than Brigham Young?

It may seem hard to believe that the Saints who had intimately known Joseph Smith for over a decade, who had years to study the Book of Mormon and the modern revelations and were more exercised in the gospel than the new converts coming from great Britain, would follow this nobody rather than to follow Brigham Young and the majority of the quorum of the twelve don’t you think?

What if I told you that the man in the above picture was a recent convert at the time of the martyrdom who had only been a member of the church for a short period of time when he was commissioned by Joseph Smith to establish a stake of Zion?

He had not held any significant positions in the church when the prophet Joseph Smith was martyred and yet he “was supported by all of the family of Joseph Smith” as the successor to Joseph Smith!

“He was joined by the mother, wife, and three sisters of Joseph Smith. He was sustained by the only surviving brother of Joseph Smith, and his brothers-in-law. He was believed by all of the living Book of Mormon witnesses, except one who was no longer a member of the church.”

What if I told you that the majority of the “free-thinkers, the intellectuals, and the leaders of the church” followed this guy instead of Brigham Young?

Would it surprise you to find out that ” Many of the significant writers, publishers, and editors from the early church sustained” him rather than Brigham Young?

This “included a dozen people that wrote what are now rare books or other imprints from the Joseph Smith period, and four who edited church-sanctioned newspapers. Five people joined who had authored separate hymn books under Joseph Smith. The artists, including the only two artists to paint Joseph Smith from life, and the only photographer of the intact Nauvoo temple, also associated with him…

     The brightest and most capable people in the church” chose to follow the fellow above.

     The people who followed Brigham Young were largely illiterate farmers and laborers from Great Britain where the twelve apostles had converted them. Only a small fraction of the “believing gentiles” from the Kirtland era emigrated to Utah with Brigham Young in 1847. There were not very many copies of the Doctrine and Covenants printed before Joseph Smith was killed in 1844. Probably only one copy per one hundred members. So whether they could read or not, most members could not study the revelations on the doctrine of succession.

Those that could, tended to believe” this new comer, “rather than follow the quorum of the Twelve Apostles.

The “church was larger under” the above person “when he was killed in 1856 than at any other time since 1844.”

It is amazing how many of the leaders of the church in Nauvoo accepted him as the successor of Joseph Smith instead of Brigham Young-

The man in the above picture “was sustained as prophet by two other members of the first presidency, three members of the quorum of twelve, five presidents of the seventies, the president of the high priests quorum and his counselor, four men in presidencies of elders quorums, the president of the priests quorum, and eight bishops at the largest church locations including the bishop over the whole church, the patriarch over the whole church, and seven members of major stake presidencies including the Nauvoo stake president and the Kirtland stake president.

He was also sustained by the presidents of the largest branches of the church, including Boston, Chicago, New York City, and Philadelphia.” The mystery person in the above picture “was believed by at least seventeen people who were personally addressed by name in the Doctrine and Covenants.”

For the record, I am not making any of the above claims.

This guy is-

Although I find some of his claims to be a bit exaggerated or embellished, nevertheless, there is enough credible information available to take many of the above claims seriously.

His name is John Hajicek.

I met him many years ago at a Sunstone convention in Salt Lake.

He is a fascinating personality.

He is a very successful and wealthy entrepreneur who happens to own one of the largest collections of LDS historical documents in the world.

He also claims to be a real-life living apostle of Jesus Christ who was ordained through a priesthood line that comes directly from Joseph Smith and the mystery guy in the picture.

We’ll get back to the mysterious guy in the picture, from whom Mr Hajicek derives his apostolic authority later in this series, by now you probably know who I am talking about.

But first I want to cover a few other topics to show why the mysterious guy is so significant.

Alternate Voices

To be continued…


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