9 Years, 11 Days…. Just a Coincidence!!!!

After having pondered what the significance of Moroni’s repeated return every September 22nd.. I am convinced that it provides a very important key.

I am very open to the fact that the true Feast of Trumpets is based on something other that what modern day Judaism currently bases it on…

I have been pondering the relationship of specific dates, numerology, the fall EQUINOX the full moon etc. etc. etc. in prophecy..

Anyway… I am sure the following calculation is just a coincidence…

But numbers are sometimes fun to play with.

4 Responses to 9 Years, 11 Days…. Just a Coincidence!!!!

  1. Joseph Smith’s planet was Jupiter; and two significant years governed by Jupiter were 1805 and 1844.


    “That magnetic field image is weird for sure. Been watching that for years and haven’t seen anything like that.”



  2. hell raising love monster says:

    What does the second link mean? There was no explanation.

    • The second link is a live link of the earths magnetosphere pertaining to the quote above it. It is, however, a live real time link and it looks different now than when I posted it. Apparently some of the folks that keep track of it are saying that they have never seen such huge fluctuations…

      My speculation is that we have entered the time spoken of in the Book of Moses when the earth is groaning under the pollutions and wickedness of mankind, however the following quote provides another lens from which to view it.

      “The magnetic field of earth is involved in a perturbation or morphing. This is taking place interdimensionally, and the net effect is incremental surges in amplitude or strength of the magnetic field. This morphing of earth’s magnetic field is like a wave that rises and falls very quickly, and the oscillations are minute, but distinct. Thi+s is having a very strange effect upon human consciousness, specifically your biological experience. Many people are experiencing an increase of exhaustion and weariness. (As we have mentioned in previous communications, these symptoms are also caused by movements of energies from deep space as they pass through your galaxy and your solar system.)

      But this (perturbation) is of a different category. This is caused by the magnetic field itself, which is responding to the deep energies from space. It is a response of the molten core of your earth itself; and the magnetic field is having a conversation with the cosmos, if you wish to think of it in this metaphorical way. Now, your science does not view things in this manner, but from our perspective the magnetic field is having a conversation with these cosmic visitors, the energies from deep space, which are, by nature, catalysts for spiritual evolution.

      Another set of symptoms directly related to the perturbations of your magnetic field are distinct changes in how you hold short term memory—because memory is a function of the magnetics of your own nervous system and that of earth. Your brain processes information through the minute gravitational and non-gravitational fields of it’s own structure and it is affected directly by fluctuations in the earth’s magnetic field. And so you can expect an increase in short term memory anomalies. You may find yourself speaking a sentence and suddenly the words do not come to you or you mix up the words from their normal syntax. While in some cases this is the sign of a brain disorder, you will find this happening within the general populace at an increasing rate. Escalations in collective short-term memory glitches will lead humanity to a most novel situation. This situation is an opportunity or a curse, depending on how you work with it.”

  3. Hurricanes Julia and Igor churn the Atlantic as simultaneous storms rage for first time in a decade
    Forecasters have predicted that this year could be one of the worst on record for hurricanes.

    Life on this Earth Just Changed: The North Atlantic Current is Gone http://www.infiniteunknown.net/2010/09/14/life-on-this-earth-just-changed-the-north-atlantic-current-is-gone/

    At the invitation of Her Majesty The Queen, His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI will pay a Papal Visit to the United Kingdom from the 16th-19th September 2010…, interesting timing!


    As one reads about the “Mark of the Beast” in the book of Revelation, one wonders how the world at large could ever possibly be coersed or seduced into such a form of slavery. I suppose there are numerous scenarios that might bring this event into fruition.

    The following article provides a fascinating scenario as to how a natural or man made disaster such as a solar flare or a nuclear detonation high in the atmosphere could shut down our current technological infrastructure. If this were to happen, our global financial structure would be destroyed in an instant with all records of financial transactions destroyed.

    On first blush, you might think that is a great thing. Every bodies debt would be wiped away, including the national debt. However, all commerce would shut down also. Mass chaos would ensue and there would be a break down in society with rioting taking place.

    If the governments of the world had a back up technology to introduce as the only viable solution to reinstating some type of workable solution for continuing commerce, virtually everyone would opt into it.


    “Dr Fox will tell the conference he believes there is a growing threat, and he wants to address the “vulnerabilities” in Britain’s high-tech infrastructure.

    “As the nature of our technology becomes more complex, so the threat becomes more widespread,” he will say.

    “While we all benefit from the products of scientific advances so we also create vulnerabilities that can be exploited by our enemies. However advanced we become the chain of our security is only as strong as its weakest link.”

    The Coalition’s Strategic Defence and Security Review is considering potential weaknesses in Britain’s defences against high-tech attack or disruption.

    While conventional military units, cyberwarfare and other technology-driven capabilities are likely to get more money when the review is concluded.

    Much of the Ministry of Defence’s planning focuses on the risk of a hostile state exploding a nuclear weapon in space, creating a sudden, intense burst of electromagnetic energy called a high altitude electro-magnetic pulse.

    One “nightmare scenario” being privately discussed by senior defence figures involves Iran successfully detonating a nuclear device high over Europe. “They could reduce our civilisation to the dark ages,” said one insider.

    Some scientists say there is a similar danger from a once-in-a-century solar flare, a disturbance on the surface of the sun that could cause geomagnetic storms on earth.”

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