The President Elect Prophecy Part One-1 Chapters 1,2,3

Preliminary rough draft of the first three chapters of a fiction mystery novel to possibly be released in the near future

The President Elect Prophecy
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Chapter One…  Many are Called but Few are Poison

Sunday Evening

As the flight circled the Salt Lake Valley special agent Driggs gazed out of the window taking in the magnificence of the Wasatch Mountains and the beauty of the Great Salt Lake. Although his career with the CIA had taken him all over the world, this would be the first time he had been in Utah.

Wearing a dark suit with a Masonic lapel pin, his grey receding hair and neatly trimmed mustache made him look older than his 55 years. He looked like a man who had been bearing huge emotional burdens for a long time. His features were very sharp, his eyes seemed to penetrate deep into the souls of those he looked at without giving up any hints as to what was going on inside his own mind.

He was an unusual man and untrusting man that had tragically showed no signs of having a conscience.

He was a man of few words… and a man with a very dark and mysterious past.

Driggs was always deep in thought. He was very calculating and discreet.

He was perhaps one of the most versatile assets the CIA had in that he had a very diverse skill set. He had worked his way up from the bottom of the organization, from administering the sting of death in the front lines to providing tactical suggestions in the CIA “war room”, to finding his way into a cushy managerial position behind a big desk.

He was a man who had firsthand experience in all of the necessary dirty work that needs to take place behind the scenes in the course of keeping America the greatest nation on earth… toppling governments and suicide maverick politicians were specialties that he had developed over his 25 year career with the CIA.

But now Driggs had temporarily left his big desk and gone out into the field again… on a very unusual assignment. It had not been going well and he was pissed.

Although it was a great honor to have been picked by the CIA to represent them on a multi-agency special task force as a member of a team of three handpicked spy agency veterans, he was not happy about it.

He had been assigned to work with an agent from the FBI, and another agent from the NSA. Out of the sixteen US spy agencies, the CIA, FBI and NSA had been chosen for this assignment.

He hated the assignment he had been given because of the obscure profile of the enemy that he and his fellow team members had been mandated to identify and destroy.

He also hated working with two other people from other agencies.

Driggs was not what you would call a team player. He was happiest when he was working independently. His comfort zone was in getting an assignment and being sent and empowered to perform it by himself.

He preferred working alone because he hated working through the dynamics of the group decision making process. Besides, when working alone, if a mistake was made, he had no one to blame but himself… and he was at liberty to clean up his own mistakes on the fly, without going through a committee to make decisions or get permission.

His preference would be to still be on the front lines slitting people throats and poisoning those who would pose a serious threat to national security or the roll out of democracy across the world.. But his age, knowledge and acquired skill set required him to take on other assignments while younger agents did the dark work of administering death to the truly deserving, and any bystanders unlucky enough to get caught in the crossfire.

As he gazed over the Wasatch mountain range and the great Salt Lake below, he pondered the strange case he had been called to work on. He still couldn’t understand why he had been picked for this unusual assignment that was requiring him to become doctrinally proficient in the Mormon religion.

He understood why agent Robertson from the FBI had been picked. Robertson provided the Mormon connection that was now needed. Having been raised LDS, Robertson had a reasonably good understanding of Mormon doctrine, culture and politics and where to find the answers to the deeper questions pertaining to those topics. Robertson was a native of Salt Lake City. He had diplomacy skills and he was well connected in Mormon circles. As a descendent of Mormon pioneers and as a distant relative of several contemporary LDS general authorities, it made sense why Robertson was picked for this assignment.

And then there was special agent Mathias representing the NSA and the CSS. He also made sense. He was the son of a Baptist Minister. Prior to being recruited by the National Security Agency he had spent time studying to be a Baptist minister. He was as close to being a religious theologian as any of the security agencies could muster up,. It was hoped that his theology background as well as his training in Cryptology, symbology and code breaking would come in very handy in sifting through the dark passages and ominous scriptural passages in cracking the code within the mystical quatrains.

Additionally, Mathias was a religious history buff with a near photographic mind. He possessed a huge knowledge base of the evolution of religion in America.

This particular assignment would require the three agents to delve deep into Christian and more specifically, Mormon prophecy theology because the terrorists they were given the mandate to neutralize were obviously motivated by an apocalyptic world view.

The cryptic
quatrain emanating from an unknown source in outer space that had been intercepted, had alerted central intelligence about an impending military strike of global proportions where laced with fragments of prophetic Intel from the ancient biblical texts.

Parts of these quatrains were couched in prophetic biblical phraseology while others had distinct fragments from Mormon scripture. Additionally the quatrains made reference to an unlikely religious symbol that would be present at the meeting place. Deciphering the messages of the quatrains and cracking the code behind the meaning of the symbol would necessitate an in depth understanding of biblical prophecy.

But what about me, Driggs thought to himself, why was I chosen?

He hated organized religion and had no affinity for religious dogma.

Furthermore, he knew very little about prophecy. He could see very little about his personal profile that would make him a top candidate for this assignment.

Another reason he was annoyed is because he had a near perfect record in accomplishing the assignments he had been given. This assignment seemed impossible. The thought of failure was very disturbing to him. It was clearly outside of his comfort Zone.

“Usually the enemy is somewhat well defined, but not this one” Driggs thought to himself. Driggs hated the thought of failing on such an important and high profile mission… one that according to some of his directors could be the most important mission of his career and perhaps the most important in the history of US intelligence agencies. The very existence of America was now at stake if the quatrains were to be taken seriously.

He and his team members had been working feverishly for months on this assignment and it felt as if they were no closer now than when they started.

They had put together a think tank involving literally hundreds of unique and gifted mavericks from across the nation and the world to help them crack the cryptic code embedded in the mysterious quatrains. This think tank included people from a very diverse range of disciplines that included psychics, intuitive, gurus, tribal shamans, visionaries, remote viewers, researchers, historians, futurists, technology entrepreneurs all providing feedback about current events in an effort to provide context in breaking the code.

Separate from the think tank was another group that had been assembled which had been nicknamed the prophecy mastermind group which consisted of prophecy theologians from a wide range of religious denominations to help them analyze the quatrains and help them decipher the dark messages that had had them so stumped.

Driggs and his two associates had been using all of these resources to sort through and analyze the information contained in the quatrains but each time they would get a lead, it culminated in a dead end.

After gathering an inordinate amount of feedback from the think tank members and numerous brainstorming sessions with the theological mastermind prophecy group, the threesome had taken several trips to Jerusalem in hopes of putting more pieces of the puzzle together.

Jerusalem is where they assumed the pre-strike assembly might take place, according to the apocalyptic passages in the quatrains. At least, according to the interpretations of the prophecy mastermind group….

Why do they keep coming up empty handed he wondered.

Finally, about a month ago, they had what they were hoping would be a huge breakthrough. One of the theologians in the prophesy mastermind group noticed a phrase in one of the quatrains that seemed to be linked to Mormon prophecy theology. At this discovery, the team member representing the FBI was replaced by Roberts, for the reasons previously mentioned.

Shortly after Roberts joined the team, he and Agent Mathias had flown into Salt Lake and had a preliminary meeting with the leaders of the Mormon Church to see if they would provide some Mormon prophecy scholars to join the prophecy mastermind group and help in deciphering the messages in the quatrain.

Although Driggs had missed out on that meeting, he wanted to be involved in the follow up meeting scheduled for tomorrow.

Time was running out. Intel indicated that the terrorists would be “assembling” at a predetermined time and place to make final preparations for a military strike. The quatrains seemed to indicate that the preliminary assembly could very possibly take one week from today…

The assembly scheduled for next Sunday had had to be thwarted. Next Saturday had been designated bloody Saturday as it was the drop dead date for striking the terrorists before they had a chance to organize and fortify their forces for the attack. .

Washington had made it clear, between today and next Saturday, the mysterious meanings and the symbol in the quatrains needed to be decoded so that the pre-strike assembly could be averted.

Driggs, Roberts and Mathias had just been given one week to crack the code by their superiors.

Driggs felt like he was in a pressure cooker.

As the plane landed he felt nauseated at the thought of having to work with Robertson and Mathias.

They had better be on time he thought to himself.

They had kept him waiting a few weeks ago when he flew in to meet them and tour Jerusalem.

As Driggs walked down the terminal his phone rang. “Poison, I have called for an update”. It was “the light bearer”.

The Light bearer was the code name of Driggs superior in Washington DC.

Driggs didn’t even know who this person was. For some reason, the powers that be wanted the light bearer to be kept anonymous. Driggs had been given the code name of Poison on previous assignments and was sometimes still referred accordingly.

The update Driggs gave to the light bearer was short and to the point. After that, the Light Bearer said, “we are running out of time, get the job done. You have one week before we will be forced to bring in some new blood”, assuming we are all still living.

USGS Worldwide Deadly & Destructive Earthquakes between Magnitudes 6 and 8

Chapter Two…  Connecting the Bots

As agent Roberts and Mathias helped Driggs put his bags in the car, the three agents were unusually silent. The tension was thick. Secretly the other two were just as mortified about the possibility of failing and they were growing as uncomfortable and frustrated with this assignment as Driggs was.. and they sensed his frustration with having to work in a group setting.

When the group had been formed their superiors informed them that they were to work closely as a triune and to strive for harmony in their decision making process. Normally, if two were in unity and one disagreed, majority rules, however, if all three ever wanted the group to take a different direction than the other two, Driggs was to be the final word. The veiled implication was that Driggs had seniority in the group and could pull rank if a majority decision could not be reached and he felt it was necessary to move forward. That assumption was confirmed by the fact that Driggs was the point man that reported directly to the Light bearer.

Driggs had suggested that Mathias be the group facilitator with the think tank participants while Roberts be the point man in dealing with the inner circle that had been dubbed the prophecy mastermind group.

Each group was quite unique. The think tank participants never really met as a group, they simply responded to questions and give updates to Mathias, usually by email, but sometimes by phone.

The prophecy mastermind group however, received the red carpet treatment. They were flown in to various locations and been provided very nice accommodations on numerous occasions for the purpose of brainstorming as a group and bouncing prophetic interpretations back and forth.

Up to this point in time, the three agents had been surprised how consistent the interpretations of biblical end times prophesy had been between the various players in the group.

Despite huge theological disagreements pertaining to salvation theology, the general consensus pertaining to their interpretation of prophecy was pretty much in sync., Something that surprised the three agents.

All of the prophecy scholars from various denominational persuasions pretty much agreed that Jerusalem was the general place where the -prestrike assembly would take place, yet the key indicators within the quatrain seemed to include an alter, veil, ark of the covenant and temple would all be involved during the pre-strike assembly.

That was the context in which the assembly would take place according to the quatrains. This had been problematic since a temple and associated temple fixtures were no longer at the temple mount in Jerusalem. The dome of the rock was standing pretty much where the temple once stood and where most scholars believe it will be in the future.

As the sedan left the airport on route to the Hotel, Driggs decided to take the lead in breaking the silence.

“Whether it has anything to do with the more specific assignment we are working on or not you gentlemen may find it interesting to note that a synchronization of very strange things appears to be taking place in the world around us.

A perfect storm seems to be brewing. The magnetosphere is going crazy, the ongoing tremors in Yellowstone continue to increase in range and depth as earthquakes from around the world are increasing.

Solar flares keep increasing with regularity and another round of stock market gyrations has just started…. The list of occurrences that are defying natural and social norms just keeps growing”

“Is it just my imagination or did many of these things begin to increase after the Hietis earthquake?” Asked Mathias.

Roberts intercepted the comments from Mathias and asked, “are you suggesting that earthquake was man made?”

“Well, numerous eye witnesses testified that the color of the skyline changed colors during the event indicating that HAARP or other electromagnetic phenomena might have been in play at the the time, and our own government has acknowledged that they have the technology to create earthquakes” responded Mathias.

While I appreciate that the fact that the event has effectively given us complete control over the county and allowed us to accomplish what he need to over there, I sometimes I wonder if governments should be messing with mother nature!”

Mathias was actually baiting Driggs with his statement. He was speculating that the CIA had used HAARP and other technologies to create the earthquake in Haiti.

“Well,” said Driggs, “those decisions are not made at this level. It doesn’t concern us”

Driggs then quickly took control of the conversation again,

“Mathias, any new Intel from anyone in the Think Tank coalition?”

“Yes, we have numerous updates I need to share with the two of you. I still need to review the most recent installment of Intel that has come in from that group in more detail, but there are a few things that come to mind that I can share with you before we get to the hotel.

Cliff, the web bots guy claims that the data is indicating that something big is imminent. He claims that the bots are predicting a very significant meeting of some kind involving a religiously motivated military group and that some kind of war or skirmish will grow out of it. He claims it will happen in about one or two weeks! But he claims it will happen in America, not Jerusalem”

“Since we have not shared any of the specific statements within the quatrains with him or anyone in the think tank and we have not mentioned our concern about a pending event in one week, I thought his comment was significant, although America being the focal point seems inconsistent with the assumptions of the prophesy mastermind group.

While I personally have a problem with the whole theory about how the web bots work, you can’t argue with results. He has an impressive record of predicting events.

The Bots Mathias was referring to were an innovative method of technologically identifying future trends and events via internet chatter.

This technology had grown out of the The Web Bot Project, that had been developed in the 90’s for the purpose of making stock market predictions.

The technology uses a system of spiders that crawls the Internet searching for keywords just like a search engine does. After taking a snapshot of the text preceding and following the keyword, the text is filtered and analyzed to define the meaning.

The technology was created for the purpose of tapping into the collective unconscious of the universe and it’s inhabitants by eves dropping on what people are chatting about on the internet. Kind of an electronic way of tapping into the “wisdom of the crowds” kind of a thing.

In 2001, the developers of this technology began to notice that it could make predictions on other things besides the stock market.

In 2001 they noticed that the Intel being picked up by the web bots seemed to indicate that a occurrence of catastrophic proportion would take place within 60 days. Unfortunately, the information was accurately predicting the fall of the twin towers that ultimately took place on 9/11/2001. Since then the most noticeable event that bots keep picking up has to do with a major event that takes place in 2012.

“another item of interest” continued Mathias, “we got a call from John Hagelin. He claims that they have had over 10 students during the last week come in very agitated about an impression they are getting while meditating.

Each of these students have come in independently and told of a very similar experience that they are all getting. I thought that was also interesting in light of our recent intel as well as the confirmations we seem to be getting from the web bots and other independent sources. But, again, they seem to feel that the event will be located here in America, not the Old World.

“Remind me again who Hagelin is…” interjected Driggs. ” is’t he the maverick scientist mediation guy that tries to merge Scientific research into the Foundations of human consciousness and ancient meditation concepts?”

“Yes” responded Mathias, “He is a very gifted scientist that conducted research on the unified field theory and became published in many of the leading scientific journals. He serves on the board of several organizations and was a researcher at the European Center for Particle Physics (CERN) and the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC), and has served as a Professor of Physics and Director of the Institute of Science, Technology and Public Policy at Maharishi University of Management.”

“He is brilliant” added Robertson, but he has created a lot of indigestion for many of his fellow scientists because of his involvement with the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. The scientific community gets uneasy with those who try to combine traditional science with metaphysics.”

“Isn’t the Maharishi guy the one that the Beatles became intrigued with in the 70’s asked Driggs.

“Not just the Beatles, there were a whole host of famous people that became enamored with the Maharishi, and transcendental meditation and the quest for enlightenment. As I recall, many celebrities of the 1960s and 1970s got involved, including the Beach Boys, rolling stones, , Donovan, Joe Namath Jane Fonda, Mia Farrow, Shirley Maclaine, Deepak Chopra, Directors Clint Eastwood and David Lynch, Comedian Andy Kaufman and magician Doug Henning.”

“Finally, the third thing I wanted to brief you on before we get to the meeting comes from one of our more fringe members of the think tank. A fellow by the name of David Anderson who claims he has successfully created a warped field with his proprietary time reactor technology. He left a message on my voicemail stating that one of his associates has actually seen an event that takes place in about a week, in America. He didn’t leave many details but sounded pretty excited and nervous.

I have since had the office try to contact him and his associates say that he is missing. They won’t give any details but things seem very suspicious.

I guess that is about all I have from the Intel group for today.”

Chapter Three… “.. an Assembly of Treacherous Men”

“Does Anderson really think he can time travel?” asked Robertson in disbelief. Perhaps you and I can switch responsibilities for a while Mathias, those wing nuts in the think tank sound much more interesting that the stuffed shirts in the prophecy mastermind group!”

Without acknowledging the lighthearted remarks of Roberts Driggs responded.

“Those are very interesting developments given the dramatic fluctuation in the stock market. I understand the plunge protection team has been working 24/7 keeping the markets viable.

If the American populous knew that our currency and economy have been vaporized and are functioning on blue smoke, we would have much bigger problems that the one we are currently dealing with.

Furthermore, within the last six months, a large number of CEO’s and high level executives across corporate America have all resigned or opted for early retirement. At the same time, over 20 police chiefs across America have stepped down.

Many don’t publically site reasons, those that do come up with varied excuses. Both of these trends are very unusual and suspicious. It is almost as if word is getting around the corporate world and also the law enforcement world that something big is coming down and people are running for cover.

No one wants catastrophic events to happen during their watch.”

“Maybe the end of the world really is finally coming to an end chuckled Robertson.”

After being briefed by Mathias Both Roberts and Driggs just looked straight ahead, as if they were processing this information and wondering if they had entered the twilight zone.

After a brief five minute pause, Driggs gave the floor to Robertson,

“Robertson, any viable Intel been extracted from the prophecy mastermind group lately?”

“Yes, I guess the Mormon connection in all of this keeps growing. Since we have added several Mormon prophecy scholars to the mastermind group and have more actively begun focusing on the modern revelations brought forth by the Prophet Joseph smith, we are noticing more LDS nuances in the quatrains all the time. This opens up possible new directions for us to take in our interpretations of the quatrains.

One of the huge barriers we have been running into is that we are pretty sure Jerusalem is the place where the pre-strike assembly is to take place and that it seems to involve a significant amount of temple theology and symbolism. The problem we have is that the Jewish temple with the temple paraphernalia is no longer standing in Jerusalem!

Despite the research we have done around the dome of the rock and other key places in that ancient city, we find ourselves at a dead end… as you well know.

Since we are still assuming that the main location involved in all of this is Jerusalem and that temple theology seems to be a reoccurring theme in the quatrains, Mathias and I are now thinking that the reason we have not uncovered anything at the temple mount is because the specified place we are looking for is not there at the temple mount.”

“What exactly are you saying.. Roberts” asked Agent Driggs.

“Well, a reoccurring theme in the quatrains have to do with temple, ark, alter, veil, holy place, etc., yet the Jewish Temple is no longer standing and all of our previous visits to the temple mount and geographical appendages thereof have been in vain. We have not found any corresponding markers there that interrelate with the content in the quatrains, so, realizing that fragments of the quatrain are laced with key words and phrases from LDS scripture, our latest theory is that we are dealing with an assembly that takes place at a Mormon Temple instead of a Jewish Temple.” Replied Roberts.

Following this latest theory Driggs was deep in thought.

“It is interesting that the Mormons are one of the very few Christian religions that incorporate temple worship. But I didn’t know there was a Mormon Temple in Jerusalem” replied Driggs.

“There isn’t” replied Robertson. “or, at least there is not one that has been publically acknowledged.”

“We realize this is a stretch, but it occurred to Mathias and I a few days ago that perhaps the Mormon Church has secretly been using the “BYU Jerusalem Center for Near Eastern Studies” to do various aspects of temple worship in.” possibly doing temple endowment sessions in a hidden room or perhaps ordinance work for the dead. Who knows, perhaps the archeological department at BYU found the Ark of the Covenant during one of their archeology digs and felt it needed to be in Jerusalem. Maybe they are keeping the Ark of the Covenant in a secret room within the center…. in which case, the center for Near Eastern Studies might actually be a temple.”

“Are you suggesting that your Mormon Church could be involved in this terrorist attack?” quizzed Agent Driggs.

“Certainly not. I doubt there is an organized religion in America that is more law abiding and pro-government than the Mormons, but that would not preclude a radical offshoot group from taking over a temple to conduct their pre-strike assembly in. We are simply trying to connect the dots contained in the quatrain passages.”

Driggs continued his interrogation, “if the Mormon Church was using the Jerusalem center to do temple worship and endowment ceremonies, wouldn’t it be common knowledge? At least among members of the church”


Responded Robertson.

“The church has tested the waters repeatedly over the years for putting a temple in Jerusalem and the Jewish authorities there will not hear of it. In fact, the controversy over putting the center in Jerusalem was quite hot initially; that the church did not want to open up a new can of worms by implying that the center might be used for anything remotely related to temple worship. After all, several groups have protested the practice of doing baptisms for the dead for Jews and other religious faiths.”

“What was all of the controversy about regarding the Jerusalem Center?” Asked Agent Driggs.

“At the time the Church was petitioning to establish the center, the Jewish authorities were concerned that the LDS Church would use the facility as a base of operations for trying to convert Jewish people to Mormonism”

The politics in Jerusalem are very touchy. Even today, LDS students visiting the center are required to sign a pledge that they will not use their time there to try to convert the Jewish people. The purpose of the center is supposed to be for education, not missionary work.

The center is also used by research scholars, sometimes working with local scholars on various projects. Students study the Bible, ancient and modern near-eastern studies, Hebrew, and Arabic, with a particular focus on the life of Jesus Christ and the work of the apostles. They have classroom study interspersed with field trips throughout the region. It’s built on Mount Scopus overlooking the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem and is made from white Jerusalem limestone. The center provides religious services for members of the church who live in or are visiting the area.

Although there were some initial local protests, they subsided when the church worked with the government to create a legal document barring missionary work.”

“I find your theory intriguing… So what are you suggesting for a plan of action?” asked Driggs

“I think that in our meeting tomorrow with the leaders of the LDS church that we request permission to search the Center in Jerusalem… including the entire grounds and all rooms in the facility. If we find anything remotely resembling the temple fixtures and symbol that are mentioned in the quatrains, then we take action for preventing the takeover of the facility by the terrorists”

“Sounds good to me… I think we definitely need to change directions, it makes sense that the place we are looking for is going to be a Mormon Temple.” Said Driggs, feeling somewhat relieved to be able to report something different to the light bearer in the next briefing.

What is the current status of the mastermind group?

We have flown in all of the leading prophecy scholars and have added several Mormons scholars to the list. They are prepared to meet with us nightly during the week at our convenience and any other time we desire.

As the car pulled into the hotel parking lot Driggs said, Washington says that with the new developments indicating that the quatrains contain words and phrases from Mormon doctrine, we have all been given the mandate to become experts on Mormon doctrine. Every waking hour is to be spent studying the Mormon scriptures.

Since Robertson is the only one of us that is LDS, he is the group leader in this exercise. Any questions that any of us have are to be directed then to him. If he doesn’t have the answer, he will contact one of his buddies at BYU or the Church Office building to get the answer…

That evening Roberts felt a little apprehensive about the meeting with the first presidency of the Mormon Church the next day. He was concerned about the implications of what he would be saying to them and did not want to offend them. As he drifted off to sleep we wondered, should I ask them if we can search their facility in Jerusalem or tell them we are going to? He knew full well that with national security at risk, they would need to do it with or without permission.


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