Day of Atonement

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[Editorial Note: I saw this on another site stating a differing opinion on when the day of atonement takes place this year “The Feast of Trumpets is the first day of the seventh month. This year it is 21 Sep. The Fast of Atonement is the tenth day of the month; NOT ten days after Trumpets. Trumpets is the First day; Atonement is the tenth Day. Therefore Atonement is on 30 Sep.”]

Dr. Jones’ Entry from 08/19/2009


Is September 28 our Day of Reckoning?

What I call “the prophetic year” begins and ends with the feast of Tabernacles each year. This is because God has a particular plan for each year which culminates on the final feast day. This year Tabernacles is from October 3-10, 2009.

The final events usually begin around the time of Rosh Hoshana (Trumpets), so all of the autumn feast days need to be watched to see what revelations or events take place on those dates.

I have already mentioned Sept. 19, which is Rosh Hoshana, the beginning of the New Year on the Hebrew calendar.

Next is Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, on Sept. 28. I am particularly intrigued by this date, because it is:

6 x 490th day from 9-11-01 (Twin Towers Demolition)
14 x 210th day from 9-11-01

The 14 x 210 days is of interest to me, because it also coincides with the long-term prophecy of 14 x 210 YEARS.

When Solomon died, a breach was created between Israel and Judah when the Kingdom split into two nations. This occurred in 931 B.C., and 210 years later, Israel’s capital (Samaria) was conquered and destroyed by the Assyrians. Twelve more periods of 210 years brings us to the year 1800 (Washington D.C. built), and the 14th period of 210 years brings us to the year 2010, beginning next month.

Thus, it is 14 x 210 YEARS from the breach in the Kingdom to the year 2010. This may be a long-term parallel to the short-term prophetic breach caused on 9-11-01 by the Twin Towers Demolition. Since the number 14 is the biblical number for “release or deliverance,” and since Yom Kippur is also the day when the trumpet of the Jubilee was to be blown to release all debts, Sept. 28 and 29 need to be watched carefully.

Will we see a divine release or deliverance from Babylon and debt? We can get another major clue by looking at the other time cycle: 6 x 490 days.

Sept. 28, 2009 is also the 6 x 490th day from 9-11-01. The number 490 has to do with a forgiveness cycle, or a grace period. Daniel’s 70 “weeks” (of years) was a 490-year period leading to the cross (458 B.C. to 33 A.D.). Each Day of Atonement, the high priest was supposed to sprinkle the blood of a goat on the mercy seat of the Ark of the Covenant (Lev. 16:15) to obtain mercy for the nation once a year.

So in the time frame of Daniel’s 70 weeks, the nation of Judah obtained mercy 490 times, leading to the coming of Christ as the antitype to fulfill this.

In Matthew 18 we are given a good illustration of the meaning of the number 490. It is found in Jesus’ parable that came in response to Peter’s question in verse 21,

(21) Then Peter came and said to Him, “Lord, how often shall my brother sin against me and I forgive him? Up to seven times?” (22) Jesus said to him, “I do not say to you up to seven times, but up to seventy times seven.”

Prophetically speaking, then, God’s obligation to forgive the nation ran out after 490 years. That marked the Day of Reckoning, and God foreclosed on Jerusalem. Yet Jesus paid the penalty for sin and obtained for them a “release” from their debt to the law.

The parable thus continues Jesus’ discussion with Peter:

(23) For this reason the kingdom of heaven may be compared to a certain king who wished to settle [reckon] accounts with his slaves.

The “king” found a man with a hopelessly large debt, and called in the debt. The man appealed for grace and got more than that–a Jubilee, the cancellation of the entire debt. But then the man went out and refused to cancel the debt of his neighbor who owed him a tiny debt. When the king heard of it, he called in the original debtor and treated him according to his own standard. The man lost his Jubilee because he himself refused to abide by the law of Jubilee.

The point of this is to show first that Jerusalem’s “debt” (sin) was passed over for 490 years, but then came the Day of Reckoning in 33 A.D. At that point God called in the debt, demanded payment, but Jesus then gave His life to pay the entire debt. If Jerusalem had followed suit, they could have avoided all the foreclosure in 70 A.D., but they did not, and so they were judged according to their own standard of measure.

The principle, then, can be seen in a 490-year cycle or a 490-day cycle. Either way, the number 490 is utilized and carries the same meaning. On Sept. 28/29 we are arriving at the end of 6 x 490 DAYS from 9-11-01. This could be seen as a time of foreclosure on America, a Day of Reckoning, where our future depends on what we do with God’s provision, release, and deliverance.

The fact that this day coincides with the other cycle of 14 x 210 days, and that both time cycles begin with the very significant date of 9-11-01, makes this another watch date. The numbers reveal the principles, but do not tell us how these principles will emerge in real life. That is what we are called to watch.

From our early vantage point, it appears that we could see some sort of release (14) from the time of Jacob’s trouble (21 or 210) on Sept. 28/29. But if we act like the debtor in Jesus’ parable and refuse to release the debts of others on the divine Day of Reckoning (490), we could be in big trouble just like Jerusalem was in 70 A.D.

It would take some real trauma to get the Church in America to repent. It is NOT the unbelievers who must repent to avert divine judgment. It is always “if My people” (2 Chron. 7:14). The believers have always had the authority to change things by repentance and humbling themselves. The fact that this has gone on so long is a reflection upon the believers, not the unbelievers whom they love to condemn.

I suspect that we may yet get a revelation to call for a Day of Repentance on Sept. 28, 2009. I have no such word yet, but this is probably because today’s revelation is so new. A reader pointed out this date a few weeks back, and I recorded it, but had no revelation about it until this morning.


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  1. cds says:

    Here is an interesting article on possible activities of the underbelly of the church. I guess anything is possible in an apostate state?

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