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“A year or two ago, my wife Nita brought up a point I had never considered up until then. She asked if the biblical Mark of the Beast might be a conspiracy employing biotechnology in the form of a manufactured virus, a bioweapon. Her theory was gripping. An occult elite operating behind the US Government devises a virus that is a crossover between human and animal disease, let’s say an entirely new and highly contagious influenza mutation, and intentionally releases it into the public. A pandemic ensues, and the period between when a person contracts the virus and death is something like 10 days. With tens of thousands dead in a few weeks and the rate of death increasing hourly around the globe, a universal cry for a cure goes out. Seemingly miraculously, the government then steps forward with a vaccine. The only catch, they explain, is that given the nature of the animal-human strain, the “cure” rewrites one’s genetics, so that they are no longer entirely human. Nita’s point was that those who receive this antidote would become part “beast” and thus the title, “Mark of the Beast.”

No longer “entirely human” would also mean—according to this outline—that the individual could no longer be “saved” or go to heaven, explaining why the book of Revelation says “whosoever receiveth the mark” is damned forever while also explaining why the Nephilim could similarly not be redeemed. If one imagines the global chaos of such a pandemic, the concept of how the Antichrist “causes all” both small and great to receive this mark becomes clearer. When looking into the eyes of dying children, parents, or a spouse, it would be incredibly difficult to allow oneself to die or to encourage others to do the same. Lastly, this scenario would mean that nobody is allowed to “buy or sell” in the marketplace without the mark-cure due to the need to quarantine all but the inoculated, thus fulfilling all aspects of the Mark of the Beast prophecy.

To find if the science behind this abstract would be as reasonable as it appeared on the surface, I contacted Sharon Gilbert. This was her troubling response:

Tom, what is human? Until recently, most of us would readily respond that we are humans. You and I, we might argue, are homo sapiens: erect, bipedal hominids with 23 pairs of matched chromosomes and nifty little thumbs capable of apposition to the palm that enable us to grasp the fine tools that our highly developed, bi-lobed brains devise.

Humans, we might argue, sit as rulers of the Earth, gazing down from the pinnacle of a pyramid consisting of all plant and animal species. We would remind the listener that natural selection and evolution have developed mankind into a superior thinker and doer, thereby granting us royal privilege, if not infinite responsibility.

The Bible would take this definition much further, of course, adding that mankind is the only part of God’s creation formed by His hands, rather than spoken into existence, and that you and I bear God’s unique signature as having been created ‘in His image’. (Genesis 1:27)

Many members of the ‘illuminated brotherhood of science’ would likely demur to the previous statement. These have, in point of fact, redefined human. Like Shelley’s Modern Prometheus, Victor Frankenstein, today’s molecular magicians play ‘god’ not by stitching together rotting corpses, but by reforming the very essence of our beings: our DNA.

So-called ‘Postmodern Man’ began as a literary reference but has evolved into an iconicmetaphor representing a collective image of perfected humanity beyond the confines of genetic constraints. Transhumanism, also known as the H+ movement (see for example) envisions a higher lifeform yet, surpassing homo sapiens in favor of homo sapiens 2.0, a bioengineered construct that fuses man’s original genome with animal and/or synthetic DNA.

While such claims ring of science fiction, they are indeed science fact. For decades, laboratories have created chimeric combinations of animal, plant, and even human DNA under the guise of medical research. The stated goal is to better man’s lot by curing disease, but this benign mask hides an inner, sardonic grin that follows an ancient blueprint to blend God’s perfect creature with the seed of fallen angels: ‘You shall be as gods’.

You and Nita speak to the heart of the matter when you warn of a day when true humans may unknowingly receive transhuman instructions via an implant or injection. A seemingly innocuous vaccine or identification ‘chip’ can initiate intracellular changes, not only in somatic or ‘body’ cells but also in germline cells such as ova and sperm. The former alters the recipient only; the latter alters the recipient’s doomed descendents as well.

In my second novel, The Armageddon Strain, I present a device called the ‘BioStrain Chip’ that employs nanotechnology to induce genetic changes inside the carrier’s body. This miracle chip is advertised as a cure for the H5N1/ebola chimera that is released in the Prologue to the book. Of course, if you’ve read the novel, then you know the BioStrain chip does far more than ‘cure’—it also kills.

Though a work of fiction, The Armageddon Strain raises a chilling question: what limitations lie within the payload of a biochip? Can such a tiny device do more than carry digitized information? Could it actually serve as the Mark of the Beast?

The answer is yes.

DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid) has become the darling of researchers who specialize in synthetic constructs. The ‘sticky end’ design of the DNA double-helix makes it ideal for use in computing. Though an infinite number of polyhedra are possible, the most robust and stable of these ‘building blocks’ is called the double crossover (DX). An intriguing name, is it not? The double-cross.

Picture an injectible chip comprised of DNA-DX, containing instructions for a super-soldier. Picture, too, how this DNA framework, if transcribed, might also serve a second, sinister purpose—not only to instruct, but also to alter.

Mankind has come perilously far in his search for perfection through chemistry. Although millennia passed with little progress beyond roots, herbs, and alchemical quests for gold from lead, the 20th century ushered science into the rosy dawn of breathless discovery. Electricity, lighter than air travel, wireless communication, and computing transformed the ponderous pace of the scientific method into a light speed race toward self-destruction.

By the mid-1950s, Watson and Crick had solved the structure of the DNA molecule and the double helix became all the rage. Early gene splicing, and thus transgenics, began in 1952 as a crude, cut and paste sort of science cooked up in kitchen blenders and petri dishes—as much accident as inspiration. As knowledge has increased (Daniel 12:4), genetic scientists learned to utilize microbiological ‘vectors’ and sophisticated methods to insert animal or plant genes from one specie into another. It’s the ultimate ‘Mr. Potato Head’ game, where interchangeable plastic pieces give rise to an infinite number of combinations; only, in genetic splicing, humanity is the unhappy potato.

Vectors provide the means of transport and integration for this brave new science. Think of these vectors as biological trucks that carry genetic building materials and workers into your body’s cells. Such ‘trucks’ could be a microsyringe, a bacterium, or a virion (a virus particle). Any entity that can carry genetic information (the larger the load capacity, the better) and then surreptitiously gain entry into the cell as a potential vector. Viruses, for example, can be stripped of certain innate genes that might harm the cell. Not only does this (supposedly) render the viral delivery truck ‘harmless’, it also clears out space for the cargo.

Once inside the cell, the ‘workers’ take over. Some of these ‘workers’ are enzymes that cut human genes at specific sites while others integrate—or load—the ‘cargo’ into appropriate reading frames—like microscopic librarians. Once the payload is stored in the cell’s nuclear ‘library stacks’, the new genes can be translated, copied, and ‘read’ to produce altered or brand new, ‘alien’ polymers and proteins.

The resulting hybrid cell is no longer purely human. If a hybridized skin cell, it may now glow, or perhaps form scales rather than hair; claws rather than fingernails. If a brain cell, the new genetic instructions could produce an altered neurotransmitter that reduces or even eliminates the body’s need for sleep. Muscle cells may grow larger and more efficient at using low levels of calcium and oxygen. Retina cells may encode for receptors that enable the ‘posthuman being’ to perceive infrared or ultraviolet light frequencies. The hybrid ears may now sense a wider range of sounds, taste buds a greater range of chemicals. Altered brains might even attune to metaphysics and ‘unseen’ gateways, allowing communication with supernatural realms.

Germline alterations, mentioned earlier, form a terrifying picture of generational development and may very well already be a reality. Genetic ‘enhancement’ of sperm-producing cells would change human sperm into tiny infiltrators, and any fertilized ovum a living chimera. Science routinely conducts experiments with transgenic mice, rats, chickens, pigs, cows, horses, and many other species. It is naïve to believe humans have been left out of this transgenic equation.

You and I constantly battle mutagenic assaults from external and internal pressures. Externally, our cells endure daily bombardment by pollution, waveform radiation, and chemicals that can alter the molecular structure of nucleotides (guanine, cytosine, thymine, adenine). Internally, our systems work overtime to filter genetically altered food, impure water, and pharmaceuticals. Our bodies are changing. To paraphrase Shakespeare, humanity “alters when it alteration finds”. (Sonnet 116)

If so many scientists (funded by government entities) believe in the ‘promise’ of genetic alteration and transgenic ‘enhancement’, how then can humanity remain human? We cannot. We will not. Perhaps, some have not.

Spiritually, the enemy has ever sought to corrupt God’s plan. Originally, fallen angels lay with human women to corrupt the original base pair arrangements. Our genome is filled with ‘junk DNA’ that seemingly encodes for nothing. These ‘introns’ may be the remains of the corrupted genes, and God Himself may have switched them off when fallen angels continued their program, post-flood. If so, today’s scientists might need only to ‘switch them back on’ to resurrect old forms such as Gibborim and Nephilim.

I should point out that not all ‘trucks’ (vectors) deliver their payload immediately. Some operate on a time delay. Cytomegalovirus (CMV) is a common infective agent resident in the cells of many humans today. It ‘sleeps’ in our systems, waiting for a window of opportunity to strike. Recently, genetic specialists began utilizing CMV vectors in transgenic experiments. In 1997, the Fox television program Millennium featured an episode in the second season called “Sense and Antisense” (referring to the two sides of the DNA molecule). In this chilling story, a scientist named Lacuna reveals a genetic truth to Frank Black:

“They have the map, the map, they can make us go down any street they want to! Streets that we would never even dream of going down. They flip a switch, we go east. They flip another switch, we go north. And we never know we have been flipped, let alone know how.” [3]

In the final days of this current age, humanity may indeed ‘flip’. Paul tells us that Christians will be transformed in a moment (I Cor. 15:51-53). Is it possible that the enemy also plans an instantaneous ‘flip’? Are genetic sleeper agents (idling ‘trucks’) already at work in humanity’s DNA, waiting and ready to deploy at the appropriate moment?

Science is ready. Knowledge has been increased. The spiritual players have taken the stage.

All we need is the signal. The sign. The injection. The mark. The moment.

We shall ALL be changed. Some to incorruptible bodies ready to meet the Lord. Others to corrupted genomes ready to serve the Beast.”



  1. NEPT says:

    While wildly entertaining, Watcher, the idea is waist-, no, neck-deep in science fiction. Sure, the technology to manipulate cellular functions exists, but there are so many caveats to “genetic engineering” that the scenario painted here is humorously far-fetched.

    First and foremost, I think the author is a bit mixed-up regarding “genetic engineering” and “genetic selection”. But, as I see it, the overarching scientific flaw in the argument–and I’ll limit my comment to the science, although the doctrinal flaws are probably even more far-fetched–lies in the belief that introducing a relatively small number of genetically altered genes (because only a small number could be delivered by the means described here, not an entire genome) could somehow change the species of an organism. If it were true that constitutive or regulated expression of a few foreign genes could alter our humanity, then we all would have become giant viruses a long time ago. In fact, much of the so-called “junk DNA” (which is an antiquated hypothesis, btw) are remnants of viral infection; some estimate that up to 40% of the human genome is composed of retrotransposable elements of foreign origin. Yet, we are still human, are we not?

    There is so much more involved in “biochemical humanity” than the expression of a few genes. We share 99% genetic identity with lower primates, and yet we are in the “image of God”. If simply injecting someone with a vehicle to deliver a “cargo” designed to express a few “non-human” proteins could suffice as the “mark of the beast”, then you better not contract H5N1, aka “swine flu”, or any other disease that originated from animals (HIV-1, avian influenza–aka bird-flu, and others). God forbid you should be excluded from your heavenly reward for kissing your baby who happened to stick in her mouth the bouncy ball belonging to the poor primary teacher’s kid who came to church with a runny nose.

    There are legitimate conspiracy theories, and then there are best-sellers.

    Nevertheless, it made for a good read, Watcher. Thanks.

  2. LOL


    Somehow I had a feeling you might have something to say about the article.

    Thanks for setting the record strait on the questionable science in the article.

    Actually, I think the site I got it from is promoting a book that is competing with the one just released by Dan Brown…

    Have you read any of Dan Browns books?

    Are you going to read the one he just released?

    BTW although I post some pretty far out stuff from time to time, that doesn’t necessarily mean I believe it.

    I do think there is potential to the theory some are promoting that the powers that be may use vaccines to reduce the population.

    I don’t know if you watched the link below the video with the message from the mother and daughter team, but I do think they brought up some valid concerns about the safety of the swine flu vaccine.

  3. NEPT says:

    I haven’t read any of Brown’s books, mainly because don’t delve into fiction all that much. To be precise, the only fiction I have on my shelves are The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings (BTW–I recommend you venture out of your comfort zone and watch the trilogy, I bet you would have a fun time making associations between the three watches concept and LOTR’s story and characters, some are pretty dang congruent), The Silmarillion, and The Children of Hurin, LOL!

    I watched the mother-and-daughter video and, to their credit, they bring up some valid concerns of distributing vaccines prematurely, since it has happened before. I do agree that fears have been artificially drummed up about H1N1 (the virus formerly known as “swine flu”, which, due to my hastiness, I mistakenly referred to as H5N1, or avian flu, in my previous post), which has lead to an expedited release of the vaccine, a situation with potential danger. But I am skeptical about this duo’s motive. First of all, the “physician” is really a chiropractor, and Mommy is her business manager. No more elaboration needed. Secondly, “Doctor” Tecco and Mommy are culprits in the huge disinformation campaign regarding the imaginary link between immunizations and autism. I’m sure there are readers who take issue with the previous statement, but no matter what you are inclined to believe, movements to diminish the use of vaccines in children really open up the door for large-scale scourges, and the risks of doing so far, far outweigh any putative benefits (unless you’re of the mindset that catastrophic death tolls as a result of disease are just Mother Nature’s way of population reduction, which is really not that much different from the conspiracy theory that world governments are out to do the same).

    Now, before your readers label me as just another self-important/self-serving scientist, I realize all too well “science” is full of flaws, some unintentional but others intentional, perhaps even devious or nefarious. I also tend to believe that science/medicine has overstepped its bounds in some cases for the sake of profit, and those steps have contributed to the mess called “health care” (and a lot of really sick, old people :)). But make no mistake, counterarguments like “Doctor” Tecco’s are also disingenuous, when not just plain ignorant, and, at times, iniquitous.

    The bottom line is that one needs to fill the lamp with oil by taking the Holy Spirit as his/her guide. I’m of the opinion that, no matter the motive, most “sides” follow crooked paths. My LOTR obsession has taught me to trust nobody, LOL! Besides, the righteous have no need to fear.

  4. dmcal52 says:

    Well, it made for good science fiction, but Revelation 13:16 makes it clear that the purpose of the mark to be able to buy or sell (credit and debit)

    The phrase “He forced them to receive a mark” is not by physical force, but the way in which people will forced to receive it will be because, all the other methods of buying and selling such as cash, check, credit and debit, money order, etc, will be made obsolete, so that the only way to buy or sell will be by that mark. This is the very reason that the world has continued toward a cashless society. The mark will use the same type of technology as the POS system of credit and debit via computer transaction, except that it will be used subdermally in the right hand or forehead. Think of shrinking down the strip reader on your debit card and there you have it. The technology and prototype for this mark is already being used. For more information on this technology, do a search on verichip, veripay and RFID. This is what is ultimately going to be used for monetary transactions when the beast (antichrist) makes it manditory. The other options used for buying and selling will become obsolete for another reason, or the main reason I should say and that it that by receiving it, one will be giving his or her worship to that beast, because it will be his mark and there will be no other means of credit and debit aside from that. So, this mark has to do with buying and selling and gaining worship. To see the consequences for those who receive this mark, please read Revelation 14:9-12 and then read the ever popular John 3:16 to escape. Actually, there are many other places in the word of God with the promise of salvation, but I think the above verse says it all.

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